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Monday 21 january 2019

Coutale tying tool 100% made in France
Already reknown for his corkscrews line 'Coutale', winegrower in Cahors Philippe Bernède now markets the 'Coutale' tying tool....

Monday 24 september 2018

PureVine: A Digital Representation of Your Vines
This year VineView released an exciting new product called PureVine, that collects and represents data on a vine-by-vine basis. Not only does this provide the opportunity to look at individual vine performance, it also allows a statistical representation of a block...

Friday 30 march 2018 - Communication written by Wine Quality Solutions

Ravoire & Fils : Oxygen management at the heart of quality initiatives
The Ravoire & Fils company, trading at nearly 5 million bottles per year, has been closely examining oxygen management during bottling....

Friday 16 march 2018

Registration for the 10th World Bulk Wine Exhibition is open; 75% of the fair’s area is already booked
*Enjoy the early bird tariffs until April 30th, 2018...

Monday 05 february 2018 - Communication written by Wine Quality Solutions

Optimizing wine shelf-life
From grapes to bottles, winemakers manage each different winemaking stage to create a style of wine that is in line with the market for which it is intended. The sensory profile obtained for the finished wine evolves due to oxygen exposure (oxidative/reductive...

Thursday 21 april 2016 - Communication written by PMH Vinicole

Wine pump OENOPOMPE®: tested and qualified by the BNIC
April 2016: PMH Vinicole announces that its elastomer component of the helical lobes OENOPOMPE®, has been tested and qualified by the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC)....

Tuesday 19 january 2016

Opening Short Course about Terroir and vineyard management in France / Formation sur la gestion des terroirs vitivinicoles (en anglais)
Bordeaux Sciences Agro et l'Institut Jules Guyot de l'Université de Bourgogne, organisent une nouvelle formation en anglais concernant la gestion des terroirs vitivinicoles : 5 jours à Bordeaux et / ou 3 jours à Dijon (en collaboration avec la Chaire UNESCO "Culture...

Wednesday 10 june 2015

In 2013, 13 startups have created the Wine StartUps network, in intend to gather startup companies and promote digital use within the wine industry. What’s new?...
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