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A robot will use hydrogen fuel cells in vineyards

By Vitisphere December 06, 2022
A robot will use hydrogen fuel cells in vineyards
Exxact Robotics is not releasing any images yet, and is maintaining the suspense (here is Traxx 5th generation). - crédit photo : Vincent Gobert

t the Vinitech trade fair in Bordeaux, the Exel group showcased an environmentally-friendly prototyping of Traxx using a new fuel, namely hydrogen. To achieve this, Exxact Robotics, the research centre for the Exel Industries group, and Fétis Group, via its subsidiary Dintec, have joined forces. The partnership has produced the Traxx Concept H2, the first autonomous green hydrogen vineyard tractor. More specifically, Dintec has designed a hydrogen-powered generator comprising the hydrogen fuel cell, hydrogen storage, the secure control and command of the unit and its integration into the machine. The standard hydrogen fuel cell from the road market (buses, trucks, etc.) was customised for this system to include all the functionalities required for agricultural use.

With Traxx Concept H2, the challenge is to demonstrate, test and experiment with the integration of a hydrogen fuel cell in an autonomous vineyard high-clearance tractor” says Exxact Robotics. “But also safety, usability and recharging solutions”. The manufacturer also states that real tests in the vineyard will be carried out jointly with partner customers starting with the 2023 season. If they prove to be effective, the solution will be sustainable and cleaner than diesel-powered machines, lighter than machines with more batteries – about 500 kg less – and also quicker to recharge, within 10 minutes.

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Roger King Le 07 décembre 2022 à 17:34:04
Would love to have a speaker/representative on our SVVGA Grower Seminar on autonomous and alternative equipment. Can you contadt me via email to discuss
Daniel Berkley Le 07 décembre 2022 à 06:50:06
Bravo for H power.
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