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’Battle of the generations’ for wine consumption in France

By Vitisphere November 22, 2022
’Battle of the generations’ for wine consumption in France
The data was collected via the Vinitrac® France omnibus consumer survey by Wine Intelligence among 1,300 adults in mainland France, including 1,000 wine consumers - crédit photo : Isabelle Bachelard

esearch conducted by Wine Intelligence in the spring of 2022 has thrown up some good news for the wine industry, as per the presentation of its findings on 16 November for the Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris trade fair (Vinexposium group). Young people are willing to spend more on everyday drinking. Across all age groups, one in two consumers say that wine is part of their lifestyle.

Amongst wine consumers, predictably the Baby Boomers (aged 55 and over) account for the bulk of consumption (47%), followed by Generation X (aged 40-54) with 25%, Millennials (aged 25-39) with 21% and Generation Z (aged 18-24) with 7%. Average monthly consumption is 9.6 times for Boomers, compared with around 7 times for younger people.

Regardless of age group, around 90% of consumers say they drink wine in restaurants. Conversely, the rate of penetration for wine in bars and/or cafés differs widely from one group to another, ranging from 49% for generation Z to 15% for Boomers. Among those who consume wine in this type of setting, young consumers do so much more often. Lastly, while older generations remain loyal to red wine (54% of consumption), the appeal of the colour drops commensurately with age, with red/pink/white wines virtually on a par with each other among Generation Z.

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