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200,000 wine bottles “suitable for reuse” claims Rhone negociant

By Vitisphere October 06, 2022
200,000 wine bottles “suitable for reuse” claims Rhone negociant
Consumers can bring the bottles back to different collection points and get a 0.5 or €1 deposit back on each bottle. - crédit photo : Maison Ravoire

hen you sell four million bottles a year and are concerned about your environmental footprint, glass becomes the number one issue. Rhone Valley company Famille Ravoire found this out three years ago when it carried out its Scope 3 carbon assessment, which records all direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions, from supplier to consumer.

Out of a total 6,500 tonnes of CO2eq, 3,750 tonnes were due to glass manufacture”, says Alexandra Parfus, the company’s marketing and development director. “That’s much more than winegrowing and freight, even though we export to a number of countries!” The initial focus was therefore on reducing the weight of the bottles, by knocking a significant 130 g off the Bordeaux-style bottle.  Then the company back-tracked. “Having lighter bottles certainly helps reduce emissions, but the impact is limited because you quickly reach a threshold”, says Parfus. “Meeting with deposit return scheme operators at the end of 2020 convinced us that reuse was a more effective solution”.

This switch to bottles suitable for reuse required adjustments. The bottles are heavier so that they can withstand washing, and standardised so that they can be reused by other stakeholders in the deposit return network. There are no more batch numbers engraved on the necks, the company has brought out its old equipment and reverted to ink. No major investment was required, but a lot of time and energy had to be devoted to the shift towards reusing bottles. Ravoire has announced that nearly 200,000 bottles suitable for reuse have been marketed since June 2022. Its aim is to convert all of its labels to the scheme as quickly as possible.


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