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Positive signals for Burgundy’s 2022 crop

By Vitisphere June 14, 2022
Positive signals for Burgundy’s 2022 crop
Although disease pressure is not a problem for the moment, “hail, and especially drought can potentially cause us harm. We are starting with relatively low water reserves”, fears Frédéric Barnier. - crédit photo : Clément L'Hôte

ldquo;There is absolutely no frost damage, aside from the odd bud here and there”, commented Frédéric Barnier, technical director at Louis Jadot in Beaune. Unlike Chablis, the Côte d'Or dodged the worst effects of adverse weather, so much so that “damage from bud-eaters, which was limited, was more significant than that of frost”, noted Benoît Bazerolle, an advisor with the Côte d'Or Chamber of Agriculture. However, he is not taking the issue lightly: “Their occurrence in many plots was regular. It is an issue that requires vigilance, as we have pointed out for several years now”. The occurrence has not prevented clusters from forming “very well on Guyot-trained vines”, the majority training system in Côte d'Or. But “a shade below in Cordon de Royat-trained vineyards”, a system used over a significant portion of Pinot noir vineyards. “We don’t really have any explanations for this. Did the Cordon vines suffer more from the 2021 frost? It's a little early to tell”.

Like everywhere else in France, growth was expedited in Burgundy by a “lightning” month of May, and 2022 is now being compared with 2020 in terms of earliness.  “In mid-May, we went from 7-8 leaves separated to 12-13 in a very short space of time. We gained a leaf every day and a half”, explained Bazerolle. For Barnier, the situation is promising: “It's pretty good because it will give us time. We will be able to let the grapes ripen and avoid issues with rot. On the flipside, the risk is that we revert to 2020 conditions, with a drought from July to harvest”.

Flowering therefore is “practically over in the Côte de Beaune and the Côte de Nuits” and “has got off to a good start in the Hautes-Côtes”, says Bazerolle. Pinot Noir is hot on the heels of Chardonnay. “I think that in the course of the week, the berries will reach 3 to 4 mm in the Côte”. Flowering went well, with “not too much shatter”. Barnier concurs, reporting “very good conditions” for flowering, due to cooler temperatures and providential rainfall.

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