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LVMH works flat out to make its Provence rosés sustainable

By Vitisphere May 10, 2022
LVMH works flat out to make its Provence rosés sustainable
Describing itself as a “progressive” estate, Château Galoupet has 77 hectares of woodland and 3.5 hectares of vines set aside for research and development. - crédit photo : LVMH

hâteau Galoupet is not going down the canned wine route, but its choice of packaging is equally iconoclastic. The 69-hectare Provence Cru Classé, bought in 2019 by the Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy group (LVMH), will feature in an “innovative, flat and ultra-light bottle made of 100% recycled plastic from the POP (Prevented Ocean Plastic) programme” under the Côtes-de-Provence Galoupet Nomade brand, as per a press statement issued by the winery. The bottle is “entirely recyclable, 87% lighter than the average glass wine bottle and 40% thinner”. Aligning with the company’s sustainability policy, it is also innovative for the way it is designed to be used, fitting nicely into a bag for on-the-go drinking.

Although more conventional, as befits a Cru Classé, the ‘Rosée’ label by Château Galoupet is no less ethical in terms of packaging. It comes in a “70% recycled amber glass bottle, which weighs 499 grams, compared to an average of 770 grams for a bottle of rosé wine”, stresses LVMH. In the process of converting to organic since the 2020 vintage, the estate wine has a recommended retail price of €55 – with selective marketing in restaurants and wine shops – as compared to a price tag of €25 for ‘Galoupet Nomade’. It will be sold exclusively online starting this May.

Galoupet Nomade is destined to become a negociant-sourced wine but the 2021 vintage is made from grapes grown at Château Galoupet, with a trial run of 3,000 bottles. LVMH’s first Château Galoupet classified label was produced to the tune of 8,000 bottles.

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Ed Le 12 mai 2022 à 18:52:13
Your article doesn't say who makes the bottles. Are they made by well-known pacamama or is LVMH buying bottles from a different maker?
Chip Le 11 mai 2022 à 16:04:05
I am very interested in your project. Who makes your bottles. Are they available to supply others? And what is the cost.?
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