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French vineyards due to trial anti-frost lamps

By Vitisphere February 03, 2022
French vineyards due to trial anti-frost lamps
Ultimately, the company aims to develop a smartphone application that will allow the activity of the lamps to be monitored and controlled remotely.

year ago, Déborah Ducamp joined Château Le Sartre in Léognan, like the 24 other start-ups in the first intake of Bernard Magrez’s incubator. Her Wine Protect anti-frost lamp project is making good progress. “We cut our teeth on a first prototype and then designed a module with an on-board solar panel, a battery, a weather station and six heaters to protect six vines”, explains Ducamp.

The module, made from 100% French materials, is attached to the trellis wire above the fruit cane and is triggered when the temperature drops below the set point defined by the winegrower. “During our trials in Léognan in December, we managed to gain up to 7°C”, says a delighted Ducamp.

A dozen modules are set to be installed in several French wine regions by spring to properly calibrate the solar panels and the battery. “The objective is to guarantee a temperature of at least 0°C under the module for the entire duration of the frost, i.e. 7 to 8 hours maximum, with a complete battery recharge from one night to the next”.

Ducamp would also like to raise funds to hire staff. “I'm going to create a Miimosa fund and hire an intern to redesign the domes. The idea is that they should not interfere with work in the vineyards, especially spraying, and that they should unfold on their own with the onset of frost”.  The Wine Protect modules should be officially marketed in early 2023.


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