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Provence wants to remain “the rosé of all rosés”

By Vitisphere December 13, 2021
Provence wants to remain “the rosé of all rosés”
The Provence wine marketing board is rolling out its strategic plan for the next three years. - crédit photo : DR

ldquo;We must remain the rosé of all rosés in France and worldwide”, has claimed Éric Pastorino, who was elected chair of the Provence wine marketing board (CIVP) last June 30. His statement came as he laid out future plans for his tenure at the organisation’s AGM on December 2 in La Celle. In ten years, the average price of Provence rosés on the bulk market has doubled, reaching €280 /hl during the last marketing campaign. Over the same period, exports have become the main outlet for Provence rosés, accounting for 40% of sales volumes. The share of super/hypermarkets, which stood at 44% of sales ten years ago, dropped to 27% in 2020. At the same time, markets have become more demanding. “Wines whose quality is not up to standard no longer find takers”, stressed CIVP director Brice Eymard.


Based on these achievements, the chairman of the marketing board asked all strands of the region’s wine industry to reflect on its future. The resulting strategic plan includes five major themes designed to enable the region to hold on to its leadership position for rosé wines while continuing to move upmarket and enhance their image. Existing tools such as the World Rosé Observatory and the rosé wine centre in Vidauban, which is due to move to a new location, have already extended their reach, and other resources are in the pipeline. A university chair focusing on Provence rosés has just been established in conjunction with Kedge Business School. “We plan to launch an international network of wine regions specialising in rosé wine next year”, announced Eymard.

The marketing board also aims to “make a lasting impression” by organising a benchmark event in the region as well as creating an innovative export concept, the Provence Wines World Tour, which is currently being developed.




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david creighton Le 13 décembre 2021 à 16:55:18
for me, the problem with provence rose is the slightly higher alcohol levels and much lower acid levels than more northern types. i like and drink provence rose - just maybe not as much.
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