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Traxx, the 'compact' high-clearance robot makes its vineyard debut

By Vitisphere December 08, 2021
Traxx, the 'compact' high-clearance robot makes its vineyard debut
Performance is advertised as up to 6 km/h, 40 % gradient and 15 % camber. - crédit photo : Exxact Robotics

ts arrival is expected to cause a stir in the small world of autonomous high-clearance machines. The Traxx robot was presented for the first time at Sitevi 2021. The company behind the new machine is Exxact Robotics, a young subsidiary of Exel Industries, the parent company of Tecnoma.

The 'compact' single-row high-clearance robot will be produced in two configurations: one for tillage, the other for spraying. The first is ready. “We are completing a year of field trials in Bordeaux, Champagne and Burgundy and are going to start marketing it this winter”, says Colin Chaballier, managing director of Exxact Robotics. The spraying version, which is a little less advanced, will be tested in 2022 and will be equipped with Tecnoma's Panel'Jet recovery spraying technology.

With a petrol engine (37 HP) and hydraulic transmission, Traxx can operate in manual mode, with remote control, or in autonomous mode, based on a pre-plotted GPS route. But according to its designers, its major advantage is its size: 3.2 metres long and 1,300 kg without tools. “We focused specifically on this aspect in a bid to reduce soil compaction”, explains Chaballier.


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