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Removing Brett from barrels using just steam

By Vitisphere December 03, 2021
Removing Brett from barrels using just steam
A Moog spray head and a downward tilt to saturate the barrel with steam is often enough to remove Brett. - crédit photo : DR

echniques aimed at removing Brettanomyces yeasts from barrels have included ultrasound and ozone. But although these technologies have improved, research has shown that a much simpler solution exists.

According to the Excell laboratory, a well-executed hot water steam wash is sufficient to clean barrels before filling them with wine. “A scientific study has just reconfirmed this”, says Tommaso Nicoleto, specifying that the temperature needs to reach 55°C to a depth of 6 mm in the staves, where the wine and micro-organisms penetrate.

For the head of the laboratory's oenology department, paraphrasing the French philosopher Montesquieu, “perfect is the mortal enemy of good”. “Steam treatment must not last too long, otherwise the dissolved oxygen content in the wine will increase due to the fact that the pores in the wood are enlarged, and will consume more”.

The rate of cracking and breakage of the staves after the barrels are filled with wine is also likely to increase. It is also best to avoid cleaning outside in winter and have a good hot water generator.


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Marco Le 04 décembre 2021 à 00:04:06
Can you share the title of the study ?
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