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Vinexpo Bordeaux make way for ’Bordeaux Wine Week’

By Vitisphere October 18, 2021
Vinexpo Bordeaux make way for ’Bordeaux Wine Week’
To secure Bordeaux Wine Week’s place in the busy schedule of international wine events, Vinexposium is keen to ensure that all the world's wines are represented. - crédit photo : Vinexposium

ldquo;It is our duty to maintain a Vinexpo event in Bordeaux. If there is no event in 2022, there will never be one again”, claims Rodolphe Lameyse, CEO of Vinexposium. After a three-year, Covid-imposed period of hibernation, Vinexpo will return to Bordeaux as ‘Bordeaux Wine Week’ in June 2022; the dates are due to confirmed with stakeholders. The aim is to create a banner for a range of trade and consumer events, hence the venue for 2022, which will move from the exhibition centre to various locations across the city centre.

This is year zero: we are going to map out the route so that ‘Bordeaux Wine Week’ will once again be a major event for the world of wine, just like 40 years ago”, adds Lameyse, who is delighted to see the Bordeaux wine industry rally round behind plans to create a showcase event with international reach. In relation to existing trade fairs, “we must be mindful not to cannibalise Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris, which continues to be the export platform”, stresses Vinexposium’s CEO, who is aiming for attendance by “the movers and the shakers of the global industry” who will give the event its aura.

Lameyse also points out that “the success of Vinexpo stemmed from the unique combination of business and a festive atmosphere in June. Although the business aspect is essential, order forms and cheque books are not the be all and end all. With Bordeaux Wine Week, we want to offer more”.


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Mr Way Ziane Le 20 janvier 2022 à 14:35:04
Excellent News. Nowhere better than Bordeaux. Le Lac main exhibition center will be suffisant for the post-pandemique...
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