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Vivino doubled its online sales during the pandemic

By Vitisphere June 29, 2021
Vivino doubled its online sales during the pandemic
From buyers’ own brands to small, boutique-scale artisanal wines, “the ability to rate everything is a good thing for the industry”, claims Heini Zachariassen. - crédit photo : Vivino

aunched in 2010, the Vivino wine recognition and rating app has clocked up some pretty staggering figures: 1.6 billion wine labels scanned embracing 13.6 million different wines and 207 million ratings issued by 51.9 million users worldwide on a platform joined by 700 wine merchants. Home to the world's largest international wine consumer community, the online marketplace has experienced a new surge in development thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Founded in Copenhagen, Vivino was developed in the Silicon Valley and now has a presence in 17 countries. It “saw its sales enjoy a meteoric rise as borders around the world closed. Our revenues tripled over just a few weeks, but so did order issues”, said Heini Zachariassen, Vivino's CEO and founder, at Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris’ recent online event. After upgrading its logistics to cope with the influx of demand, Vivino says it has gained new customers and become profitable: “In 2019 we were selling $130 million worth of wine (€116 million). In 2020, we more than doubled our sales to $265 million (€216 million)”, said Zachariassen, who commented that “in 2021, the rate of growth is slowing, but we can see that people have been forced to change their habits and will not revert back”.

Buoyed by these impressive developments, Vivino intends to bolster its human resources, both in terms of IT engineering – it currently only has 3 software technicians – and management with Olivier Grémillon becoming CEO on 27 July, and Heini Zachariassen taking on the position of “chief evangelist”.

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