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AdVini establishes strategic partnership with Veneto winery

By Vitisphere July 23, 2020
AdVini establishes strategic partnership with Veneto winery
Wine tourism will also play an important role in the new partnership, through the Ca' del Moro holiday complex.

oasting 2,200 hectares of bearing vineyards divided between 30 estates, châteaux and wineries, most of them based in France, AdVini is branching out into Italy. A joint venture governed by Italian law has been established with La Collina dei Ciliegi, a 53-hectare estate, including 30 under vine, located north of Verona. The aim is to make the Italian venture one of the French group’s strategic areas of focus.

As the majority shareholder with a 51% stake, AdVini's mission is not only to raise the international profile of the estate's fine wines - Amarone, Valpolicella Valpantena, Super Valpantena... – particularly in hospitality outlets, but also to establish a foothold for its own quality offerings in the Italian market. For Antoine Leccia, chairman of the French group’s board, “Advini Italia will allow us to launch Borgo dei Ciliegi and Collina dei Ciliegi globally via AdVini’s presence in more than 100 markets; it will also be the distribution vehicle for AdVini's fine wines in the Italian market including Maison Champy in Burgundy, Château Beaulieu in Provence, Château Patache d'Aux in Bordeaux and Ken Forrester in South Africa. Our future agenda is ambitious and aims to expand upon our presence in the Veneto region by broadening our portfolio to include the main Italian designations”.

Massimo Gianolli, chairman of La Collina dei Ciliegi, claims that “in an economic climate that could potentially undermine the values of quality and brands, it is essential to bring together those who have always pursued those values, which are pivotal to ensuring the success of wine globally”.




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