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Vitibot launches two new Bakus robots

Par Vitisphere Le 22 novembre 2019
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Vitibot launches two new Bakus robots
Photo of the entire Bakus straddle robot family. - crédit photo : Vitibot

he Bakus family of robots just got two new members! Vitibot has birthed two “kids”. The new generation has been called P75b and P75h – ‘P’ for ‘performance’ and ‘75’ for their power, i.e. 75 KWh. As of the 2020 season, they will in fact replace the full roof model developed so far. The first P75b, ‘b’ (bas) for ‘low’, is 1.75 m wide. Its tunnel is 60 cm wide and it can straddle a canopy standing 1.75 m tall. The second, ‘h’ for ‘high’, is 1.95 m wide, but the clearance height increases to 2.20 m. The clearance width is 80 cm and both models are the same length, 3.5 m. The dimensions mean the robots will now be able to leave Champagne and conquer other regions, starting with Bordeaux and Burgundy. Recruitments for the development are underway at Vitibot.

The restrictions of solar power

As a consequence of the new releases, Vitibot is ending sales of the P75 with a photovoltaic roof. “After months of development and testing, we decided not to renew the system. The cost to energy production ratio is not up to our expectations”, explained Bernard Boxho, managing director of Vitibot. “We didn't want to restrict ourselves in terms of vine height either. Accessibility of the tools was also tricky”. The manufacturer explained that the new models are made with the same chassis with frame rails and arches. The inter vine tools and confined sprayer unveiled at Viteff can be attached to it.




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