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Vente Privée absorbs Le Petit Ballon

By Vitisphere April 28, 2017
Vente Privée absorbs Le Petit Ballon

e Petit Ballon, the start-up company that launched the concept of subscriptions to wine boxes, has been acquired by overstock inventory e-tailer Vente Privée. “The partnership opens up new prospects for growth in the wine business”, announced Jacques-Antoine Granjon, Vente Privée CEO and founder, in a press statement. “It will allow us to provide our members with a shopping experience that continues to innovate”, he added.

France’s leading e-commerce wine company intends to “reinvent the online wine shopping experience” with its ‘Wine Entertaining Shopping’. According to Vente Privée, this involves creating a personalised, relaxed online advice service. The intuitive structure used by Le Petit Ballon will be replicated to promote ease of access to wines sold via the destocking website. Labels and tags from Le Petit Ballon will illustrate parcels of wine revolving around a concept of ‘one wine for each occasion and food type’ rolled out by Vente Privée which describes itself as “the new no-nonsense wine firm”.


Source: Vitisphere. Photo of Jacques-Antoine Granjon and Martin Ohannessian: Vente Privée

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