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Expert's Opinion : European origin wines have their lobby, EFOW

Par Vitisphere Le 26 mars 2010
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Expert's Opinion : European origin wines have their lobby, EFOW

n March 24, in Brussels, before the European press and in the presence of European Commissioner for agriculture, associations defending wines of origin from various European wine-producing countries announced the creation of the European Federation of Origin Wines (EFOW) which brings together national federations from France and Italy, who started working together as early as 2003, but also from Spain, Portugal and Hungary ; Germany is likely to be next to join EFOW.
The president is EFOW Riccardo Ricci Curbastro, president of the Italian FEDERDOC (Confederazione nazionale dei consorzi volontari per la tutela delle denominazioni di origine), and the French representative is Christian Paly, Vice-President of the CNAOC (Confédération Nationale des Producteurs of wines and spirits with a designation of origin).

Backed by a lobbying firm, EFOW aims to bring the wishes of appellations of origin of wine to the knowlege of the European Commission, in particular at the forthcoming reforms of the political food quality and the CAP.

At stake are both the refusal to mention the ingredients and calories on the bottles of wine home, but will retain regulatory mechanisms of production while the committee wants to abolish the mechanism of planting rights , or the desire to preserve the distinction between PDO and PGI, also questioned by the committee.

For all these subjects, EFOW has already won an early victory with the March 25 approval by the European Parliament of a report from Italian MP Giancarlo Scotta, supporting the production control and limitation for quality products.

Beyond the reaffirmation of this principle, EFOW is already working on creating a new regulatory mechanism that could substitute for planting rights.

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