Successful storytelling
Wednesday April 05 2017 - opinions by Sharon nagel

“Wine doesn’t sell wine. Stories do.”

New York
Wednesday March 01 2017 - opinions by Sharon Nagel

“Sauvignon is a big deal grape and very much the centre of interest”

Wednesday February 08 2017 - opinions by Sharon Nagel

Australia: Bulk wine inventories “generally in balance to tight supply”

Wednesday December 07 2016 - opinions by Sharon Nagel

How digital technology could change the bulk wine market

Monday October 03 2016 - opinions by Vitisphere

Sula Vineyards: A benchmark for fair trade, but also economic success

Tuesday September 06 2016 - opinions by Sharon Nagel

Social media: The wine industry’s new word of mouth

Wednesday May 25 2016 - opinions by Sharon Nagel

“France will always be an important part of a wine list for a sommelier”

United Kingdom
Tuesday May 10 2016 - opinions by Vitisphere

Sparkling wines top the 1 billion pound mark for the first time

Cédric Saucier
Monday May 09 2016 - opinions by Vitisphere

“Production of sparkling wines in Languedoc cannot be ruled out in the future”

Monday January 04 2016 - opinions by Sharon Nagel

ESC Dijon : Where Old World meets New

Monday December 07 2015 - opinions by Vitisphere

United States: “The bulk wine market will be active this year”

 Steve Fredricks, chairman of Turrentine Brokerage in California

Thursday January 01 1970 - opinions by Vitisphere

“Cool climate regions are going to launch a challenge”

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