Friday May 27 2016 - Business by Vitisphere

Badet-Clément officially opens its Monze winery

Wednesday May 25 2016 - opinions by Sharon Nagel

“France will always be an important part of a wine list for a sommelier”

Monday May 23 2016 - Business by Vitisphere

Paveil de Luze available for rent on Airbnb

Tuesday May 17 2016 - Business by Vitisphere

Sainte-Foy joins the Union des Côtes de Bordeaux

Sunday May 15 2016 - Business by Vitisphere

Another Champagne house teams up with an English wine estate

Friday May 13 2016 - Business by Vitisphere

Robert et Marcel: A new Loire Valley co-operative winery is born

United Kingdom
Tuesday May 10 2016 - opinions by Vitisphere

Sparkling wines top the 1 billion pound mark for the first time

Cédric Saucier
Monday May 09 2016 - opinions by Vitisphere

“Production of sparkling wines in Languedoc cannot be ruled out in the future”

Sunday May 01 2016 - Wine people by Vitisphere

Alsace wine globetrotter Etienne Hugel passes away

Saturday April 30 2016 - Business by Vitisphere

Three Alsace co-operatives release three premium Crémants

Friday April 29 2016 - Business by Vitisphere

Cairanne: The Brotte family extends its vineyard by 12 ha

Thursday April 14 2016 - Wine people by Vitisphere

30 female wine growers found Dames du Cœur de Loire

Wednesday April 06 2016 - Business by Vitisphere

Casks : Tonnellerie du Monde buys artisanal cooper Tremeaux

Saturday February 13 2016 - Business by Vitisphere

Champagne: Maison Drappier first house to go carbon neutral

Monday January 04 2016 - opinions by Sharon Nagel

ESC Dijon : Where Old World meets New

Monday January 04 2016 - Business by Vitisphere

Restaurants: And the world’s best wine cellar is... Austria

Monday December 28 2015 - Business by Vitisphere

Lidl proud of 2015 Best Wine Cellar accolade

Tuesday December 22 2015 - Business by Vitisphere

InVivo details its roadmap for 2016

Friday December 18 2015 - Business by Vitisphere

United Kingdom: Taittinger buys 55% stake in an English vineyard

Monday December 14 2015 - Business by Vitisphere

Hong-Kong: A new era begins for ASC Fine Wines

Monday December 07 2015 - opinions by Vitisphere

United States: “The bulk wine market will be active this year”

 Steve Fredricks, chairman of Turrentine Brokerage in California

Monday November 30 2015 - Business by Vitisphere

Augier: Cognac’s oldest company revived by Pernod Ricard

Tuesday November 24 2015 - Wine people by Vitisphere

A new managing director for Compagnie Vinicole Baron Edmond de Rothschild

Wednesday February 11 2015 - Business by Vitisphere
Tags : Languedoc

Languedoc: Silène de Peyrals enters Jean-Claude Mas stable

Tuesday February 03 2015 - Business by Vitisphere

Winery engineering: and 100 projects for Ingevin!

Tuesday September 16 2014 - Wine people by Vitisphere

François and Jean-Pierre Perrin: Decanter’s Men of the Year 2014

Friday August 29 2014 - Business by Vitisphere

Cognac-Vodka, Grey Goose's next winning formula?

Monday August 18 2014 - Business by Vitisphere

Chablis: Domaine Billaud-Simon joins the Faiveley family fold

Monday August 11 2014 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

The wines from Entre-deux-Mers : Stéphane Dupuch becomes president of the ODG

Thursday June 12 2014 - Wine people by Vitisphere

Varietal wines: Argentina to get its Malbec glass

Tuesday June 03 2014 - Wine people by Vitisphere

Wine distribution in China: Don St. Pierre leaves ASC for Suntory

Thursday May 29 2014 - Business by Vitisphere

Organic Cognac: a tiny niche, for now?

Friday January 17 2014 - Wine people by Vitisphere

Vin et Societe : The Men of the year 2014 for the Revue des Vins de France

Thursday November 21 2013 - Jobs and education by Kelsie Adams

Avize vocational degree students get stuck in at Champagne auction

Wednesday November 20 2013 - Wine people by Kelsie Adams

Conseil Interprofessionnel of Alsace wines announces its new office

Wednesday November 13 2013 - Business by Kelsie Adams

The Pellenc Group completes takeover of hardware company Péra

Monday November 04 2013 - Wine people by Kelsie Adams

Organic wines : Fabrice Sommier will oversee Challenge Millésisme Bio

Thursday October 24 2013 - Wine people by Kelsie Adams

Domaines Paul Mas wins « Winery of the Year » at the Sommelier Challenge

Wednesday October 23 2013 - Wine people by Kelsie Adams

Yanick Dehandschutter named the Best Sommelier of Belgium 2013

Tuesday October 15 2013 - Jobs and education by Kelsie Adams

WorldSom shakes up International wine waiting and training

Tuesday October 08 2013 - Industry issues by Kelsie Adams

The British follow suit and hit back over taxes

Wednesday September 25 2013 - Wine people by Vitisphere

Viticulture: retirement of Alain Carbonneau, the famous Montpellier teacher

Monday September 23 2013 - Wine people by Vitisphere

Bordeaux Wine Board: Bernard Farges leads the interprofession

Monday July 01 2013 - Wine people by Vitisphere

Loire valley Wine Board : Gérard Vinet elected president

Monday June 10 2013 - Business by Vitisphere

Cognac: Remy Cointreau sells Larsen to Altia subsidy

Monday May 27 2013 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

Switzerland votes a federal budget to clear wine stocks

Tuesday March 05 2013 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

Ghislain de Montgolfier "Champagne brands are not an annuity"

Tuesday February 26 2013 - Business by Vitisphere

"Les Grands Chais de France" adds to its investment program in wineries

Thursday January 17 2013 - Business by Vitisphere

New cooperative group Terre de Vignerons produces 16% of Bordeaux wines

Thursday January 01 1970 - opinions by Vitisphere

“Cool climate regions are going to launch a challenge”

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