Tuesday February 26 2019 - opinions by Vitisphere

“Climate change is the new reality for the French wine industry”

“We must show respect for our businesses and vineyard sites by protecting them with appropriate measures”, stresses Bernard Angelras.

Monday February 25 2019 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

France’s domination of the Chinese wine market takes a beating

 “After an outstanding year in 2017, there may also be some overstocking”, pointed out Santiago Diaz Herrenschmidt.

Friday February 22 2019 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

The first contracts and marketing initiatives for PGI Terres du Midi

The first transactions involved twelve brokers, 10 trading companies, 21 co-operative wineries and 9 independent winegrowers, according to Ludovic Roux and Jean-Marie Fabre.

Thursday February 21 2019 - Business by Vitisphere

Name change for the winegrowers of Laudun Chusclan

Maison Sinnae represents 200 co-operative member growers farming 2,800 hectares of vines.

Wednesday February 20 2019 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

The most expensive wines in the world in 2018

Although Burgundy leads the way by bottle rankings, Bordeaux corners 60% of lots.

Tuesday February 19 2019 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

French still wine export volumes fell by 9.8%.

Philippe Castéja, Antoine Leccia, chairman of the FEVS, and Patrice Pinet, at the presentation of the 2018 results of French wine and spirits exports.

Monday February 18 2019 - Business by Vitisphere

26,700 visitors attend Wine Paris

Friday February 15 2019 - Business by Vitisphere

InVivo Wine to develop its own brands

In September 2018, Frédéric Noyère became CEO of InVivo Wine, InVivo's wine subsidiary. He took over from Thierry Blandinières, managing director of the leading French co-operative group.

Thursday February 14 2019 - marketing by Vitisphere

Amboise wines move away from Touraine

Known for its chateau, but also Clos Lucé and Château Gaillard, the town of Amboise will soon have its own appellation.

Monday February 11 2019 - Business by Vitisphere

Wine Paris organisers confident as show prepares to open

2,000 exhibitors will converge on the Porte de Versailles exhibition centre from 11 to 13 February.

Friday February 08 2019 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

Bergerac is starting to recover

From left to right: Jacques Rodriguez, chair of the FNVBSO and Marc Lecomte, chair of the IVBD.

Thursday February 07 2019 - distribution by Vitisphere

Where will future growth of organic wine come from?

Torsten Hartmann, the IWSR: “The United States is a country in growth mode where consumers are willing to accept price increases”

Wednesday February 06 2019 - Business by Vitisphere

World’s most expensive wine barrel is made from crystal

The barrel marks the property’s four-hundred-year history with the inscription 1618-2018.

Tuesday February 05 2019 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

Crémants reach record highs

Crémants account for a quarter of Alsace wine production.

Monday February 04 2019 - Business by Vitisphere

Millésime Bio exhibitors satisfied

 Millésime Bio predicted visitor numbers in excess of 6,000 visitors this year and delivered on its promise.

Friday February 01 2019 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

French wine industry agrees to Cognac extending vineyard area by 3,500 hectares

Thursday January 31 2019 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

French nurseries unveil their collective brand Vitipep’s

Wednesday January 30 2019 - marketing by Vitisphere

Perpignan becomes European wine capital for 2019

Tuesday January 29 2019 - Business by Vitisphere

Food and wine pairings: artificial intelligence and a sommelier tie

Monday January 28 2019 - Business by Vitisphere

Parents cut one Cru Bourgeois some slack for opting for organic

Friday January 25 2019 - Business by Vitisphere

François Van Aal, new chairman of Champagne Lanson

Thursday January 24 2019 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

Prices remain firm for red Pays d'Oc

Tuesday January 22 2019 - distribution by Vitisphere

Millésime Bio hopes to break the 6,000-visitor barrier

Monday January 21 2019 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

Pau Roca: “We must ensure a balance between regulations and trade”

Friday January 18 2019 - wine Tourism by Vitisphere

A drop of 5% in visitor numbers at the Cité du Vin in 2018

Access to the permanent visit costs 20 euros for an adult, and 9 euros for a child aged 6 to 17 years old, where wine tasting is replaced by grape juice.

Thursday January 17 2019 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Cognac wants to plant, but the other French regions oppose the plans

 Although Cognac has always prided itself on being a unique product in the French winescape, it can no longer be controlled purely with its own interests in mind. There is a real fear of knock-on effects for white wine producer regions.

Wednesday January 16 2019 - Business by Vitisphere

Former Vinexpo director lands new position at Maison Albert Bichot

44-year-old Guillaume Deglise has been appointed CEO of the Albert Bichot family-owned group.

Tuesday January 15 2019 - Expert advice by Vitisphere

The most famous source of wine in China is French

Imported wine, which came out tops in the research, currently accounts for 40% of volumes in the Chinese market.

Monday January 14 2019 - Business by Vitisphere

Château Dauzac is sold

Château Dauzac is said to have paid 7 million euros for its new vat room.

Friday January 11 2019 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Paris has its own geographical indication

Patrice Bersac has spearheaded the drive to secure recognition for PGI Ile-de-France.

Brighten up your winery
Thursday January 10 2019 - Winemaking by Vitisphere

Haute-couture for wine tanks

Tank manufacturers are focusing on visual appeal and personalisation and not presenting any major winemaking developments.

Wednesday January 09 2019 - opinions by Vitisphere

Bertrand Girard calls for the industry to “think French”

Bertrand Girard: “There is room to develop a value-generating model for all with good control and transparency along the value chain”.

Tuesday January 08 2019 - marketing by Vitisphere

XXO Cognacs join the appellation

Created in 1870, the XXO statement was used by Hennessy until 1932, judging by bottles found. The eponymous brand was re-launched at the end of 2017.

Monday January 07 2019 - marketing by Vitisphere

The Bordeaux Wine Festival returns to Liverpool in 2019

Having contemplated the possibility of travelling to London at one point, the CIVB ruled it out due to the costs involved and profusion of events taking place in the English capital.

Friday January 04 2019 - marketing by Vitisphere

Bordeaux and German wines roll out joint promotion activities

Still in the process of being finalised, the joint German-Bordeaux promotional thrust should be launched in spring 2019.

Thursday January 03 2019 - Business by Vitisphere

InVivo Wine forecasts a billion euros in turnover by 2025

Frédéric Noyère, the new CEO of InVivo Wine.

Friday December 21 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Champagne aims to be herbicide-free by 2025

Champagne is preparing to phase out the use of herbicides.

Thursday December 20 2018 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

A challenging start to the marketing campaign for Bordeaux

Wednesday December 19 2018 - Business by Vitisphere

Albert Bichot transitions from organic vineyards to wines

Albert Bichot is a Beaune family-run company that has been managed since 1996 by Albéric Bichot; it owns 6 estates totalling 105 hectares of vines.

Tuesday December 18 2018 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

Customs barriers lifted in France’s 6th largest customer country

Japan is the sixth largest customer of French wines with sales worth €482 million.

Monday December 17 2018 - Culture and Wine by Vitisphere

The world's largest tutored wine tasting attracts 309 students

The tutored tasting was held in the K amphitheatre of the ULB Solbosch campus in Ixelles, Brussels, and a fee (€10/student) was charged.

Friday December 14 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

17% of Cognac vines non-bearing

“These important figures underscore the need for action by the industry at national level, through the National Plan for Grapevine Dieback”, claimed the Charente Plant Health Bulletin.

Thursday December 13 2018 - distribution by Vitisphere

French wines spearhead the global boxed wine market

France is the leading bag-in-box exporter country by value.

Wednesday December 12 2018 - marketing by Vitisphere

The vitality of the rosé market gets glassmakers’ creative juices flowing

Glassmakers are innovating to give rosé wines modern bottles with a distinctive design.

Tuesday December 11 2018 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

+ 30% for prices of bulk Côtes-de-Provence rosé

Côtes-de-Provence is facing an unprecedented price hike.

Monday December 10 2018 - Business by Vitisphere

The Gérard Bertrand Group buys Domaine de Ceyleran

Domaine de Celeyran is due to be completely refurbished according to plans for its takeover by the Gérard Bertrand group.

Friday December 07 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Feedback shows that planting trees in vineyards has no negative impact

According to initial data from the Vitiforest programme, rows of trees have no impact on vigour or ripening issues.

Thursday December 06 2018 - marketing by Vitisphere

Muscadet wines introduce a hierarchy… for real

“We need to energise the entry-level segment”, insists Olivier Martin, spokesman for the Nantes wine federation.

Wednesday December 05 2018 - Wine and Health by Vitisphere

The French wine industry takes the Lancet to task for its health study

Pierre-Louis Teissedre, professor at the ISVV in Bordeaux, is highly critical of the Lancet's article which stated that there is no such thing as beneficial alcohol consumption.

Friday November 30 2018 - marketing by Vitisphere

Consumers more receptive to the term “natural” than “organic”

 The challenges facing organic wines are a source of fascination as evidenced by the packed room at Vinitech which welcomed 300 attendees, on chairs, standing and even on the floor.

Thursday November 29 2018 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

Italy ranks as the world’s most competitive country

 Audrey Laurent, wine researcher at FranceAgriMer (left) and Julie Barat, head of the specialised sectors unit at FranceAgriMer (right), presented the research on competitiveness on 21 November at Vinitech.

Wednesday November 28 2018 - Winemaking by Vitisphere

Seguin Moreau turns wood into spherical barrels

 Inspired by late 19th century industry, the GalileOak’s chassis highlights the decorative intentions for the tank.

Tuesday November 27 2018 - marketing by Vitisphere

Vinotte samples win Amorim Innovation Award

 “Innovating is all about keeping up with the times”, says Joachim Amorim, vice-president of the Amorim group, presenting their awards to Grégoire Henry and Tristan Destremau on 21 November at the Bordeaux Exhibition Centre.

Monday November 26 2018 - wine Tourism by Vitisphere

Château Smith Haut Lafitte’s artistic forest wins award

As more and more properties become home to works of art, the challenge now is to stage them in a fun way.

Friday November 23 2018 - Business by Vitisphere

Corsica’s blue wine focuses on the sea and premiumisation

The imaJYne cuvée was first tested on consumers at the estate's inn, before being released last year.

Thursday November 22 2018 - distribution by Vitisphere

Bordeaux leads the way for organic wine sales in French supermarkets

The leading organic Bordeaux brand, “Croix d'Albret symbolises the commitment of our winegrowers and their proactive approach to showing respect for the environment for future generations”, explained Terre de Vignerons.

Wednesday November 21 2018 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

Trump’s tweet – fact and fiction

Donald Trump, President of the United States, criticised the customs duties applied to American wines imported into France.

Tuesday November 20 2018 - marketing by Vitisphere

New start for the Hospices de Beaujeu auction in 2020

From left to right: Sylvain Sotton, Mayor of Beaujeu and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Hospices de Beaujeu, Anne-Laure Helfrich from the GCF Group, and Benjamin Le Berre, Director of the Burgundy Division at GCF.

Monday November 19 2018 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

New downturn for Beaujolais Nouveau

Beaujolais nouveau, a wine whose success with consumers is gradually diminishing....

United States
Friday November 16 2018 - Business by Sharon Nagel

Could the Finger Lakes be the next Napa Valley for whites?

Seneca Lake, around which many of the Finger Lakes estates are located and which provides protection from the cold winds of Lake Erie.

Friday November 16 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Electronic tongue: Will robots be able to taste ripeness in grapes?

Further research is also being carried out to create an electronic eye, capable of monitoring grape ripeness using parameters that depend on the colour of the grapes.

Thursday November 15 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Cognac has authorised 5 % growth in acreage in 2019 in response to demand

Approved by the regional wine council, the application for a quota of 3,474 hectares underscores the Cognac wine industry’s confidence in the sustainability of its export development.

Friday November 09 2018 - marketing by Vitisphere

Amboise Côt is in vogue

Raimonds Tomsons, Europe’s Best Sommelier for 2017, was impressed by the quality of the Touraine Côts, especially those from Amboise.

Thursday November 08 2018 - marketing by Vitisphere

200 Burgundy wines retailing for under €15 make the trip to Paris

A nod to the film ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’, Burgundy’s event will take over a mansion to create a whole new experience.

Wednesday November 07 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

An international Chenin symposium scheduled for 2019

France boasts more than 9,000 ha of Chenin, mostly in the Loire Valley with 5,000 in Anjou-Saumur and 3,200 in Touraine, but vineyards are also found in Jasnières and the Fiefs Vendéens. Elsewhere, it is grown in Limoux, Côtes de Millau and the Dordogne.

Tuesday November 06 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Alsace champions biodynamic wine growing, and is publicising it!

Alsace has 880 hectares of vines farmed using biodynamic techniques.

Monday November 05 2018 - Business by Vitisphere

Thierry Mueth outlines ambitions for La Cavale

Thierry Mueth was appointed director of La Cavale last spring. The owner's son-in-law, he had been supervising its ecological transition for several years.

Friday November 02 2018 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

Rosé purchases surge at the beginning of the buying campaign

Low inventories at the start of the buying campaign are prompting some marketers to buy early.

Thursday November 01 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

French nurseries regain their leadership position

Léonore Hugot from FranceAgriMer presents the figures for nursery production during the organisation’s conference.

Wednesday October 31 2018 - marketing by Vitisphere

How the roll of the sea can benefit wine maturation

 To develop the image of his wines in the French market, William Jonquères d'Oriola relies on Le Petit Ballon’s online sales. The website accounts for a 'significant share” of sales, “with substantial volumes for dedicated labels”, says the winegrower.

Monday October 29 2018 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

Europe produces 27% more wine in 2018

The last time France ranked first was in 2014, with 47 million hl.

Friday October 26 2018 - marketing by Vitisphere

Martell fights for the right to choose maturation techniques

Retailing for around $ 50 (approximately €40), Blue Swift “is not an innovation that seeks to undermine the image of Cognac”, claims Pierre Joncourt.

Thursday October 25 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Initial feedback from winegrowers on the Naïo weeding robot

On October 12 at Château Fombrauge, Benoît Chaillon tested soil tillage by the TED robot.

Wednesday October 24 2018 - Business by Vitisphere

Vinovision Paris and Vinisud are already planning for 2020

Vinovision entered the Porte de Versailles exhibition centre in Paris in 2017. In 2019, Vinisud will also be there.

Tuesday October 23 2018 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

Sharp decline in French wine inventories

Inventories held at wineries declined much more than at trade level. The former fell from 31.5 to 26.4 mhl (-16%), while the latter dropped from 22.7 to 21.3 mhl (-6%).

Monday October 22 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Winegrowers recount the devastating flash floods in the South of France

At Domaine Cases, the bridge leading to the flooded vineyards collapsed. Henri Cases cannot access his vines.

Thursday October 18 2018 - Equipment by Vitisphere

Vinitech will preach wine innovation around the world

The new touring event is aimed at creating “innovations and technical solutions', explained Delphine Demade.

Wednesday October 17 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

A new pest is causing damage in 2018

2018 marks a record year in terms of the presence and damage by honeydew moths.

Tuesday October 16 2018 - distribution by Vitisphere

Raisin, the app listing 3,000 natural wine bars worldwide

The start-up Raisin was co-founded by Jean-Hugues Bretin, who has just joined WineTech.

Monday October 15 2018 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

Europe proposes to allow ‘de-alcoholised wine’ to be written on labels

Europe is proposing to use the term de-alcoholised wine for alcohol-free products made from grapes.

Friday October 12 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Disease-resistant grapevines launched in 2019 in PGI vineyards

The first plots of permanently classified disease-resistant vines are beginning to appear in French vineyards, here, in Bordeaux.

Thursday October 11 2018 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

Prices of bulk wines reported to be falling in Burgundy

Following a series of short crops since 2013, Burgundy wine prices had reached high levels. The return to average volumes heralds a downward readjustment.

Wednesday October 10 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

The first Franco-Chinese viticulture research laboratory is created

The International Associate Laboratory will bring together 23 research professors in Bordeaux and 10 research professors in Beijing.

Tuesday October 09 2018 - marketing by Sharon Nagel

How new technologies are revolutionising wine distribution

Tuesday October 09 2018 - Business by Vitisphere

François Lurton turns his sights on Sauvignon blanc-based aperitifs

“We designed this vermouth as a wine: with a nose, an attack, a middle palate and a finish' explains Xavier-Luc Linglin.

Monday October 08 2018 - Wine people by Vitisphere

Hubert de Boüard and Philippe Castéja contest their indictment

Hubert de Boüard was indicted on 18 September and Philippe Castéja on 19 September, after being taken into police custody on 28 February, revealed the french press.

Friday October 05 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

The Mgaloblishvili grape variety holds promise

Probably named after its first winegrower, Mgaloblishvili is a grape variety from western Georgia. Not recommended for single varietal wines, it can be used in blends or for brandy production according to Georgian expert David Maghradze.

Thursday October 04 2018 - marketing by Vitisphere

Key figures from the ninth, and penultimate, Crus Bourgeois selection

Eight Médoc appellations (Médoc, Haut-Médoc, Margaux, Moulis-en-Médoc, Listrac-Médoc, Saint-Julien, Pauillac, and Saint Estèphe) are eligible for the Crus Bourgeois labelling statement

Wednesday October 03 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Controversy in Pomerol over drainage

 The work, which can be seen from the road, 'caused uproar amongst many winegrowers. The industry pulled together and we were quickly informed”, comments Laurent Fidèle.

Tuesday October 02 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Domaines Auriol support wine growers as they switch to organic

Claude Vialade is at the helm of Domaines Auriol: “The region has already lost the easy-drinking everyday wine market. We don't want it to lose the organic market for which it boasts two major assets: the sun and the wind!”

Monday October 01 2018 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

Sparkling wine sales surge on the back of France’s World Cup victory

Over the summer of 2018, Proseccos accounted for 13% of C10’s sparkling wine sales (compared to 7% for Cavas).

Friday September 28 2018 - Business by Vitisphere

Veuve Clicquot unveils its bicentennial rosé

To support the event, the Champagne house also marketed a non-vintage rosé jeroboam.

Thursday September 27 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Burgundy ends “a great harvest”

Sizeable volumes are on the cards this year in Burgundy.

Tuesday September 25 2018 - Expert advice by Vitisphere

Three upcoming trends in the wine market

François Collache, Sopexa's Drinks Market Manager, presents the main trends in the global wine market over the next two years.

Monday September 24 2018 - Business by Vitisphere

Vinexpo heads at full pelt for the premium end of the market

 The atmosphere amongst the fairy godmothers huddled around the cradle of Vinexpo 2019 was confident: Alain Juppé, Patrick Seguin, Christophe Navarre and Alain Rousset on September 18 at a morning press conference in Bordeaux.

Friday September 21 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Diimotion is awarded the special prize by Vinitech judges

Diimotion allows you to stop spraying at any time without wasting any spray solution.

Thursday September 20 2018 - Business by Vitisphere

Tutiac strengthens its position in northern Gironde

The Tutiac group continues to be chaired by Stéphane Héraud (centre), with Fabrice Privat (chairman of the Lugon winery, on the left) and Pedro Rojo (chairman of Uni-Médoc, on the right) as vice-presidents.

Wednesday September 19 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Appellations can now carry out varietal R&D

Appellations will be able to experiment with new grape varieties that are not yet included in production specifications.

Tuesday September 18 2018 - Business by Vitisphere

Mouton Cadet to ramp up environmental certification requirements in 2019

Based in Saint-Laurent du Médoc, BPR secures supplies from all over the Gironde region for its range of Bordeaux (red, white and rosé), Saint-Émilion, Graves, Pauillac and Sauternes, for example.

Monday September 17 2018 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

France’s small 2017 crop starts to impact exports

“The poor 2017 harvest is starting to weigh on our shipments,” summed up Antoine Leccia.

Friday September 14 2018 - Land management by Vitisphere

Wine growing to be significantly affected by the end of tax exemptions

Thursday September 13 2018 - Business by Vitisphere

Strategic agreement for Tutiac and Uni-Médoc

The men in charge of the partnership are, from left to right, Éric Hénaux, Pédro Rojo, Stéphane Héraud and Xavier Deval.

Wednesday September 12 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Bordeaux wines showcase their biodiversity

The 7 to 9 metre-long tentacles decorated the corner of the Allés Tourny and the 30 Juillet boulevard.

Tuesday September 11 2018 - wine Tourism by Vitisphere

The app that wine-loving parents will adore

The Ampelograf game offers an introduction to vine growing and wine.

Monday September 10 2018 - distribution by Vitisphere

Vinexpo Explorer invites 70 buyers to California

The event was organised at the request of Sonoma County Vintners, which represents 200 Californian estates.

Friday September 07 2018 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

2018 wine supplies at their lowest level in 6 years

According to estimates by the Languedoc-Roussillon co-operative wineries, the region’s wine supplies are at their lowest level in six years.

Thursday September 06 2018 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

Champagne sales plateaud in the first half of the year

Champagne shipments plateaud in the first half of 2018.

Wednesday September 05 2018 - Culture and Wine by Vitisphere

Breton visitor becomes the millionth to visit the Cité du Vin

The Cité du Vin, with its unique circular architectural design, provides a permanent immersive, sensorial and interactive wine-themed journey, with workshops on wine culture, a cellar stocked with wines from all over the world, numerous shows, concerts and debates.

Tuesday September 04 2018 - Business by Vitisphere

Héraclès officially unveils its organic wine ‘temple’

The official opening of the organic wine ‘temple’ attracted a large audience.

Monday September 03 2018 - Business by Vitisphere

200 more exhibitors for the next Millésime Bio

In 2018, Millésime Bio welcomed 1,000 exhibitors. The number will rise to 1,200 in 2019.

Friday July 20 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

The need to continue defending copper in Brussels

Between Thomas Montagne (left) and Sylvie Dulong (right), MEP Angélique Delahaye enquired about the European agricultural model beyond the copper ban.

Wednesday July 18 2018 - Business by Vitisphere

Minuty buys Château Verez

At the foot of the Massif des Maures, Château Verez is home to top-of-the-range guest rooms with facilities including a heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and sports hall.

Monday July 16 2018 - Culture and Wine by Vitisphere

Œnovidéo awards documentary on Spanish natural wine

Announced on July 1, the awards will be presented on October 17 at the Senate in Paris.

Friday July 13 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Dramatic hailstorm in western Aude

Hailstones 4 cm in diameter, without rain, fell for about twenty minutes on the vineyards of Limoux and La Malepère where the damage is considerable.

Thursday July 12 2018 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

Inventories tided Rhone Valley over after small 2017 crop

Philippe Pellaton, on the microphone, was re-elected in December 2017 for an additional 3 years.

South Africa
Wednesday July 11 2018 - opinions by Sharon Nagel

“Local suppliers need to remember buyer relationships are built on trust over time”

Gerhard Van der Watt, CEO of Perdeberg Cellar : 'I think we will have at least a normal crop in 2019 if not above normal. '

Wednesday July 11 2018 - Editorial by Marion Sepeau Ivaldi

The summer recess kicks in

Wednesday July 11 2018 - Business by Vitisphere

12.5% increase in turnover for Badet Clément

Branded wines posted a 16.6% increase in turnover, benefiting from organic growth in sales but also distribution gains.

Tuesday July 10 2018 - marketing by Vitisphere

Burgundy wine marketing board to nurture accessible wines

During the marketing board’s AGM, François Labet stressed his attachment to better promoting regional appellations in France.

Monday July 09 2018 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

France welcomes new PGI - Terres du Midi

Ludovic Roux, chairman of the Terres du Midi producers’ organisation, is also chairman of the Talairan co-operative winery and of the Aude departmental committee of Coop de France.

Thursday July 05 2018 - wine Tourism by Vitisphere

Grand official opening for Château le Bouïs’ wine tourism centre

The elected representatives who attended the official opening of the Château le Bouïs wine tourism centre on 25 June 2018.

Wednesday July 04 2018 - distribution by Vitisphere

GS1 offers a standard digital label for wines

To mark the launch, GS1 organised a major conference in Paris on June 19 which it said was attended by 150 participants.

Tuesday July 03 2018 - Business by Vitisphere

Will the future wines of Chambord be able to display their name?

The vines at Château de Chambord were planted in 2015. They will produce their first official vintage in 2020.

Monday July 02 2018 - Business by Vitisphere

France flexes its terroir muscle and creates Wine Paris

On the left, Fabrice Rieu, chairman of Vinisud, and on the right, Pierre Clément, chairman of the Association of Northern Wine Regions (AVS).

Monday June 25 2018 - Business by Vitisphere

Loire Valley: The first Japanese investment in Anjou

 Executives from Nichifutsu Shoji and their employees in the vineyards of Anjou in Coutures.

Friday June 22 2018 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

Spanish and French wine industries reach mutually beneficial agreement

Wednesday June 20 2018 - wine Tourism by Vitisphere

With €700,000 of debts, the Carré du Palais goes into receivership

 The Carré du Palais in Avignon.

Tuesday June 19 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Languedoc: Outbreaks of downy mildew are already leading to crop losses

 An outbreak of downy mildew on a leaf

Monday June 18 2018 - Land management by Vitisphere

Anjou : Jo Pithon sells his winery

Jo Pithon with Parisian investor Ivan Massonnat who is taking over the estate

Friday June 15 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Four Cognac houses make a commitment to young winegrowers

 In the young farmers’ press release, Courvoisier says it has been offering specific contracts to young winegrowers since 1986.

Tuesday June 12 2018 - Editorial by Marion Sepeau Ivaldi

A whole world waiting to become boxed wine converts

Tuesday June 12 2018 - opinions by Sharon Nagel

Are social media image boosters, or just time-consuming fads?

Client services director Dan Hooper : “Any brand who has built in five layers of sign off, three rewrites and a focus group per tweet will be finding itself overstretched !”

Tuesday June 12 2018 - Wine people by Vitisphere

France invited to the European Wine Growers' Cup

For the second consecutive Vino Euro, the Slovenian team won the final against German wine growers.

Monday June 11 2018 - Winemaking by Vitisphere

Striking lucky with light

The use of light to 'treat' vines with fungal diseases was quickly mentioned. For Michel Valade, “the technique is attractive in the laboratory, but transitioning to vineyards is likely to be very challenging...”

Friday June 08 2018 - Business by Vitisphere

The incredible effects of music on wine

Sébastien Durand of Swing it and Mireille Rambier from Domaine Haut-Lirou present the first red wine fermented to music

Thursday June 07 2018 - distribution by Vitisphere

TMall unveils the technologies of a futuristic wine merchant

The average buyer on Alibaba is female (70% of users), aged between 18 and 29 years old (45%) and interested in a healthy lifestyle (30%).

Wednesday June 06 2018 - marketing by Vitisphere

Vinexpo Hong Kong confirms its position as Asia's leading trade fair

“The most difficult thing about Chinese buyers we've never heard of is ascertaining whether they're big fish or small tourists,' said one French industry member.

Tuesday June 05 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

French vines now at the flowering stage

 The flowering stage

Monday June 04 2018 - Land management by Vitisphere

French vineyard sales up 2.8% in 2017

 Loïc Jugouzo from Terres d'Europe-Scafr

Friday June 01 2018 - marketing by Vitisphere

Pays d'Oc Collection celebrates its tenth anniversary

Jacques Gravegeal and Olivier Simonou presented the Trophées collection on May 17 at the Mas du Cheval near Montpellier.

Thursday May 31 2018 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

Greek winegrowers join the European federation

The land of Dionysus, Greece can lay a claim to being home to Europe’s oldest vineyards.

Wednesday May 30 2018 - wine Tourism by Vitisphere

Burgundy celebrates its Climats for a month

In 2017, festivities for Unesco’s listing of the Burgundy ‘climats’ took place at Château de Meursault.

Tuesday May 29 2018 - marketing by Vitisphere

36 chateaux pin their hopes on Crus Artisans

“The crus artisans system is not a closed circuit, other Bordeaux appellations can opt in,' said Maxime Saint-Martin on May 18 at the CIVB wine bar.

Monday May 28 2018 - Business by Vitisphere

Albert Bichot III, the export evangelist, has passed away

Albert Bichot was the eldest sibling alongside Bernard, Bénigne and Jean-Marc.

Friday May 25 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Bakus makes a splash at the Terre Innovation exhibition

With an autonomy of 10 hours and power of 80 kW (110 hp), the Bakus straddle robot can work by day or night.

Thursday May 24 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Around 500 hectares of vines in Champagne affected by hail

Hail fell on the southern part of Champagne, inconsistently affecting vineyards.

Wednesday May 23 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Bordeaux winegrower to plant Grenache and Syrah

Thomas Gomes claims that as he is “starting from scratch' he can afford to have low-cropping vines (25 to 30 hl/ha) in his vineyards.

Tuesday May 22 2018 - Culture and Wine by Vitisphere

Three wines harvested under Louis XV and sold under Emmanuel Macron

The sealed bottles have no label. Buyers will be given one at the end of the auction.

Monday May 21 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

France needs to call for copper to be re-registered

Discussions on copper are reported to be lively between the Ministries of Agriculture and the Environment.

Thursday May 17 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Syngenta invests in promotion of biological control

Damien Lenglet, marketing manager for vine fungicides and bio-control.

Wednesday May 16 2018 - distribution by Vitisphere

Surprising gaps in wine lists of Michelin-starred restaurants

The three best represented estates on Michelin-starred wine lists are a Bordeaux (43% presence for Château Haut Marbuzet), a Rhone (40% for Georges Vernay) and a Provence (38% for Trevallon).

Tuesday May 15 2018 - marketing by Vitisphere

Loire wines reap rewards of extensive PR and marketing thrusts

InterLoire organises a whole raft of export thrusts to raise awareness of Loire wines.

Monday May 14 2018 - Land management by Vitisphere

First loan with interest paid in wine meets with success

The sum lent by wine lovers will enable Château Clarisse to finance a wine storehouse as well as to bear the cost of storing inventories.

Friday May 11 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Permaculture tested in Mediterranean vineyards

Pierre-Yves Petit aims to test a permaculture vine project combining cereals, plants, trees and animals. Here, lentils are sown in rows in a vineyard.

Thursday May 10 2018 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

French online wine sales continue to grow

What drives consumers to buy on the Internet is the price tag (51%), delivery costs (38%) and quality of information (35%).

Wednesday May 09 2018 - distribution by Sharon Nagel

Copestick Murray uses ingenuity to adapt to a changing UK marketplace

Robin Copestick, director of British import and distribution company Copestick Murray : 'Consumers are more comfortable with grape varieties but the wine proposition is still complicated. They wanted simple, inspiring wines.'

Wednesday May 09 2018 - Editorial by Marion Sepeau Ivaldi

Style is the name of the game

Tuesday May 08 2018 - opinions by Vitisphere

How can AOCs take innovation on board?

The chairman of Cnaoc, Bernard Farges, wants to contemplate the future of AOCs, which implies adapting AOC practices to climate change and society’s expectations regarding the environment.

Monday May 07 2018 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

Fifth term for Thierry Coste as chair of European wine committee

Thierry Coste began his first term as chairman of the Copa/Cogeca wine working party in 2010.

Friday May 04 2018 - Business by Vitisphere

The co-operative winery in Sauternes links up with Tutiac

'Very humbly, Tutiac believes its experience and teams can help structure the Sauternes region”, said Stéphane Héraud on April 26 in Marcillac.

Thursday May 03 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

A target of 100 hectares of disease-resistant grape varieties for 2022

Bouquet variety 3160-11-3N

Wednesday May 02 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Europe is ready for disease-resistant grape varieties

Bernard Farges, chairman of the CNAOC: “Without copper, organic viticulture is dead, and conventional viticulture is in bad shape”.

Tuesday May 01 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Lightening canopy growth in French vineyards

The rate of vine development has quickened.

Monday April 30 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

INAO maps out AOC vineyards

“Grape production potential is the sum of localities that make up the geographical area”, explained Gilles Flutet.

Friday April 27 2018 - wine Tourism by Vitisphere

Beaujolais awarded Unesco World Geopark certification

Beaujolais has secured global recognition for its rich geological heritage.

Thursday April 26 2018 - Business by Vitisphere

Connected bee hives for Vignerons Ardéchois

The connected hives will allow the progress of the bee colonies to be followed.

Wednesday April 25 2018 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

2017 vintage non-GI wines see prices surge

The average price of varietal-labelled and generic reds rose from €64.4 to €80.1 /hl between the old and new vintages; whites from €69.5 to €83.9 /hl and rosés from €61.9 to €81.8 /hl.

Tuesday April 24 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

France’s leading producers are switching to 100% organic

By converting the 140-hectare vineyard at its Château Les Vergnes, Univitis is proud to announce “a large-scale conversion project, totally unique in the world of co-operative wineries”.

Monday April 23 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

First hail damage in the lower Rhône Valley

Damage of up to 30% on primary buds has been reported in the most affected vineyards.

Friday April 20 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

France the world’s third-largest exporter of winemaking equipment

The 2017 economic report produced by Axema shows a 2.3% increase in French production of wine-growing equipment.

Thursday April 19 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Vins de France pilot vineyards get underway

Noël Bougrier, chairman of Anivin: “Vins de France are the key to entering export markets. These are not entry-level wines but products positioned in premium or even super premium segments”.

Wednesday April 18 2018 - opinions by Vitisphere

What is THE question about 2017 En Primeur?

'With 2017 En Primeur, the issues are not the same as in 2013 or 1991. It is very much about limited supplies, unfavourable exchange rates and uncertainties in the marketplace...' explained Philippe Castéja.

Tuesday April 17 2018 - marketing by Vitisphere

Champagne winegrowers take control of marketing

Maxime Toubart, chairman of the SGV, surrounded by the board of administrators during the vote.

Monday April 16 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

French researchers take stock of vine die-back

The Vine Die-Back Plan is now two years old, providing an opportunity to take stock.

Thursday April 12 2018 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Sustainable wine growing certification entails extra costs

Setting up sustainable wine growing standards in Champagne comes at a cost: between 0.24 and 0.92 euros/kg/year.

Wednesday April 11 2018 - opinions by Sharon Nagel

After brisk sales in 2017, the Italian bulk wine market has slowed

Supply is low but there are still wines for sale, depending on volumes required.

Wednesday April 11 2018 - Culture and Wine by Vitisphere

First International Rosé Day launched

The new Rosé day logo.

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