Friday March 05 2021 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

Loire Valley wines limit Covid-induced damage to sales

 Although there is as yet no end in sight for the Covid crisis, Lionel Gosseaume continues to pin his hopes on a brighter future.

Thursday March 04 2021 - Business by Vitisphere

One Cru Classé reinvents Sauternes, with a sparkling wine and a rosé

 Through the new labels, Château d'Arche is offering a “different proposition that can be enjoyed on a more regular basis”, sums up Didier Galhaud.

Wednesday March 03 2021 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Burgundy grape varieties put to the climate change test

 The varietal range can be a lever for adjusting to climate change.

Tuesday March 02 2021 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

The stars are aligning for American taxes on French wines to be abolished

 “As soon as the Trade Representative, Katherine Tai, is confirmed, the Trade Commissioner, Valdis Dombrovskis, has been tasked with contacting her and telling her the European Union is aiming for a de-escalation of the situation”, stressed Franck Riester.

Monday March 01 2021 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

Disparaging Bordeaux wines costs an anti-agrochemical association €125,000

The ruling by the civil chamber states that “the smear campaign has been detrimental to the Bordeaux wine region, which is in the process of changing its practices”.

Friday February 26 2021 - Business by Vitisphere

2019, or the year of the coronavinous

 The wine is designed as a pop-up label: “I hope we won't be talking about it in 3-4 months’ time. It would be worrying if we were still talking about it in ten years' time! Our intention is not to capitalise on it”.

Thursday February 25 2021 - marketing by Vitisphere

Champagne winegrowers use grape varieties as a point of difference

 The Petit Meslier single varietal has a “novel and slightly salty taste” and a €79 consumer price tag.

Wednesday February 24 2021 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Savoy all-set to trial 7 heirloom vine varieties for appellation wines

 A first group of winegrowers have said they want to trial the heirloom varieties.

Friday February 19 2021 - Business by Vitisphere

Bordeaux co-operative puts Rhone varieties in its Vins de France

 The new label’s retail price is €6.40 /bottle.

Thursday February 18 2021 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

A more environmentally-friendly way of combatting frost

 This relatively clean system has been added to the CIVC's “sustainable winegrowing in Champagne” standard.

Wednesday February 17 2021 - Business by Vitisphere

Covid causes postponement of Découvertes en Vallée du Rhône until 2022

 The event planned by Inter Rhône in May 2021 for the general public has also been postponed until May 2022.

Tuesday February 16 2021 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

€11 billion surplus for French wines and spirits in 2020

 The French government raised the issue of a moratorium on the Trump taxes, which César Giron believes “is the only measure that can secure the development of our industry in the medium and long term”.

Monday February 15 2021 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

A New Year, and a new start, for Bordeaux wines in China

 “Just because we've just had three very good months compared to the previous nine doesn’t mean we’re heading for a fantastic period like 2010-2011”, says Roland Coiffe.

Wednesday February 10 2021 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

American taxes on wine “are one of France’s top priorities”

A confident Bruno Le Maire, France’s Minister of the Economy, says he is “hopeful that we can get the ball rolling over the coming weeks”.

Tuesday February 09 2021 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Good news - Esca has no effect on wine quality

The researchers blended wines from diseased vines with wines from healthy vines to ensure that the grapes harvested from the vines showing symptoms could be reincorporated into the rest of the crop.

Monday February 08 2021 - Business by Vitisphere

France’s first wine with cannabis comes from Bordeaux

To placate the critics – and respond to disbelief as some people thought it was an April fool’s joke – the first vintage of the ‘Burdi W’ range was tasted by renowned consultants Alain Raynaud and Michel Rolland.

Friday February 05 2021 - opinions by Vitisphere

Vineyard irrigation is becoming a priority for the Côtes-du-Rhône

 Due to recurrent water stress, “it will take 10 years for new plantings to become established, compared with 4 to 5 years in the past”, claims Denis Guthmuller.

Wednesday February 03 2021 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

Champagne revenue plummets by €1 billion in 2020

The Champagne marketing board has just announced its figures for last year which show an 18% drop by volume and loss of one billion euros in revenue – the decline is lower than expected.

Thursday January 28 2021 - wine Tourism by Vitisphere

AOC Bordeaux invests €4 million to re-launch its tourism facilities

 From Sauternes to Libourne, tourism projects are currently burgeoning in Bordeaux.

Wednesday January 27 2021 - Business by Vitisphere

Ridley Scott produces his first wine (and prepares for the next stage)

 Known for his blockbusters, Ridley Scott also made a more small-scale production about the vineyards of Provence – A Good Year, released in 2006 and starring Marion Cotillard and Russell Crowe.

Tuesday January 26 2021 - Business by Vitisphere

Crisis-resistant Sancerre winery poised to welcome new members

 The co-operative currently markets 12,000 hectolitres of wine, but reportedly has the capacity to accommodate 25 to 30,000 hl of wine.

Thursday January 21 2021 - Business by Vitisphere

Grands Crus wine bottles broken by their thieves

 As the script of a comedy film, the scenario would probably have us laughing, but for the victims, it is anything but amusing.

Wednesday January 20 2021 - Culture and Wine by Vitisphere

Promoting French gourmet food pairings, wines and sensible drinking, in a positive way

 The 100% digital campaign will be rolled out on social media platforms Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter until the end of February.

Monday January 18 2021 - Winemaking by Vitisphere

A technique for regaining taste and sense of smell after Covid

 Including essential oils and equipment, a kit costs less than fifty euros for three months.

Friday January 15 2021 - Business by Vitisphere

France’s first Vaccs'vin is on its way!

 Christophe Avi, a winegrower in France’s Brulhois area, is releasing a wine at the end of January that promises to have side effects.

Thursday January 14 2021 - marketing by Vitisphere

Covid or not, En Primeur week will go ahead in Bordeaux and other venues

 Although the economic situation under Covid is still very much up in the air, the Bordeaux wine industry is hoping to replicate the success of last year's 2019 En Primeur campaign.

Wednesday January 13 2021 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

A tunnel shelters vines from 80% of plant protection products

 The Viti-Tunnel also warded off black rot, dead arm disease and grey rot. To combat powdery mildew, which only requires dampness and wind to spread, the partner chateaux used 2 to 4 kg per hectare of wettable sulphur every 10 to 20 days.

Tuesday January 12 2021 - Wine and Health by Vitisphere

Grape compounds able to block a key enzyme in the Covid-19 virus

 In April, a Chinese team synthesised two compounds that inhibit the Mpro enzyme, with good in vivo results in dogs and mice. Their work was published in Science Magazine.

Monday January 11 2021 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

French wine industry continues to be hijacked by aviation issues

 There is now no way still wines can avoid the duties – by shipping in bulk or raising ABV to over 14% – and some sparkling wines and spirits are also targeted.

Thursday December 24 2020 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

Sales of Champagne plummet by 25%

 “We need to capture the imagination more and the legend surrounding our appellation. We realised in 2020 that digital technology can also allow us to convey emotion”, says Jean-Marie Barillère.

Wednesday December 23 2020 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

3 % of French winegrowers use horses

 68% of estates using horse-drawn farm implements are certified organic.

Tuesday December 22 2020 - distribution by Vitisphere

14 charged with stealing €5 million worth of classified growths in Bordeaux

 During their raids, the police and gendarmes found cases from prestigious estates, with bottles ranging in size “up to the Mathusalem (6 litres)”.

Monday December 21 2020 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Does biodynamic winegrowing produce better quality wines?

 A summary of these trials is due in six months’ time.

Friday December 18 2020 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

Covid puts a dent in revenues of French wine exports

 In a globally competitive wine market, the value of French wines suffered far more than the average.

Thursday December 17 2020 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Electric weeding performs as well as glyphosate beneath the vines

 The trials did not cause any burns or damage to the grapes.

Tuesday December 15 2020 - Wine and media by Vitisphere

A caricature fuels controversy over male chauvinism in the French wine industry

 “The wine industry’s “green” revolution is underway, but there is still another Bastille to be stormed and that is its male chauvinism and sexism, which pervade every aspect of the industry”, said celebrated French lawyer Eric Morain.

Monday December 14 2020 - Business by Vitisphere

Loire Wine Show changes dates and combines with fringe events in 2021

 With its new format, “the show’s exhibitor numbers would increase from 600 to 1,200, if Dive joins us”, points out Eric Grelier.

Friday December 11 2020 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Bordeaux is ready to plant its new grape varieties

 Although the grapes have been tried and tested, they will remain secondary varieties in Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur production specifications.

Tuesday December 08 2020 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

The first yield monitor sensor is on its way

 “We are going to roll out the sensor in several vineyards next summer to acquire more data and automate the calibration”, promises Benjamin Boissier.

Thursday December 03 2020 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Two in three independent French winegrowers belong to an environmental scheme

 According to the survey, two in three non-certified winegrowers plan to join an environmental scheme in the coming years.

Wednesday December 02 2020 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

Prices of red Burgundy boosted by a surge in white wine production

 For the 2020 vintage, drought over the summer took its toll on juice yields for the reds, with production shortfalls frequently ranging from 20 to 50% across Burgundy.

Tuesday December 01 2020 - marketing by Vitisphere

The lessons learnt from the ‘Covid test’ label for red Bordeaux

 Winegrower Jean-Christophe Mauro is not only modernising his labels to engage with younger and less traditional audiences, he is also revisiting the style of his wines.

Monday November 30 2020 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Budburst occurs during pruning in Bordeaux and Burgundy

When in doubt and to avoid a drop in productivity, Professor Alain Deloire recommends winegrowers wait until the cold weather sets in before pruning short.

Friday November 27 2020 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Mouton Cadet in search of the Holy Grail of ‘zero pesticide residue’

 “The phasing out of CMRs has shown us that many things are possible in Bordeaux”, says Philippe Degrendel.

Thursday November 26 2020 - Wine people by Vitisphere

9 female winegrowers join forces to share their experience of Champagne

 The Ennead wants to gradually build a new vision of Champagne, from peer to peer, linking it to a long-standing winegrowing model, divided among several categories, who sometimes struggle, like other families, to get along.

Wednesday November 25 2020 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

“Worry and anxiety on a daily basis” for Alsace winegrowers

 “What worries people is that we still don't know when we'll get back to normal. There is no end to this situation, or at least it’s difficult to imagine one”, comments Francis Backert.

Tuesday November 24 2020 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Cognac approves 2,300 ha of vine plantings for 2021

 For the next applications for planting permits, the Business Plan will be reviewed in April 2021, following the appointment of a new BNIC chair.

Friday November 20 2020 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

Provence rosé producers move forward with confidence

 As many French wine regions face doom and gloom this autumn, morale among Provence rosé wine producers remains generally high at the start of the marketing season.

Thursday November 19 2020 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

“Fortunately”, European wine production is not “huge”

 “I don't know if distillation, private storage and green harvesting measures will be enough. But they will be necessary to remove volumes. We must avoid an excessive rise in inventories at all costs, otherwise it would be a catastrophe”, claimed Coste.

Wednesday November 18 2020 - Business by Vitisphere

French female footballer Gaëtane Thiney creates her own brand of Champagne

  “I have set myself a target of marketing 5,000 bottles to begin with”, says Gaëtane Thiney.

Monday November 16 2020 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

Europe strikes back at Trump taxes, and causes concern for French wines

 In 2019, French wines held a 32% market share in the United States, which has now fallen to 19%, while Italian wines have surged from 33% to 41%.

Friday November 13 2020 - Wine people by Vitisphere

The Hospices de Beaune auction to welcome professional attendees

 “The ongoing health situation gives this anniversary sale an unprecedented symbolic significance”, explained the Hospices de Beaune.

Thursday November 12 2020 - Business by Vitisphere

Olivier and Martin Bouygues invest in Cognac

 The Métairie distillery is prioritising supplies of mature brandy and is being equipped with storage facilities so that in the long term it can develop its own brand.

Wednesday November 11 2020 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

Jacques Gravegeal: “The Pays d’Oc market is totally in balance”

 “We're running out of supply for 2019 rosés and are moving on to the 2020s. We need to quickly bridge the gap, that's our priority”, says Jacques Gravegeal.

Tuesday November 10 2020 - Business by Vitisphere

Vinovalie revolutionises boxed wines, turning them on their heads

 Containing the equivalent of three bottles, the boxes are competitively priced. “The IGP wines in the Grand 8 range will not be sold above €8 and the appellation brands will be under €10”, says Jacques Tranier.

Friday November 06 2020 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

French PGI wines “maturing” towards “stricter production management”

“PGI wine offers good value for money and a dynamic, mould-breaking image”, claims Gérard Bancillon.

Thursday November 05 2020 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Compulsory exemption for planting conventional vines as organic starting 2022

Winegrowers who do not comply with the new obligations will run the risk of having their vineyards declassified.

Tuesday November 03 2020 - Business by Vitisphere

Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte gets fined €216,600

This hefty fine comes at a bad time for the co-operative group - the Champagne industry has been particularly badly hit by the Covid-19 crisis.

Friday October 30 2020 - Business by Vitisphere

Rémy Cointreau makes a comeback in Champagne

 One third of the grapes grown by Maison J. de Telmont are currently certified organic. In 2021, the estate will also be HVE certified.

Thursday October 29 2020 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

IGP du Tarn wines aim to join Pays d’Oc

 “Within the appellation, we have worked on our typicity and are considering applying for Cru status. We need a fall-back solution with good price points for IGP wines”, explains Cédric Carcenac.

Wednesday October 28 2020 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Lockdown pushes up prices of vine posts

 To avoid buying second-rate steel, buyers should ask for steel material certificates.

Tuesday October 27 2020 - Business by Vitisphere

A winery entirely made from mud and wood in Margaux

 A compressed mud vault will support the wooden framework. “This will be the only load-bearing one in the world”, announces a delighted Tristan Le Lous.

Friday October 23 2020 - competition by Vitisphere

France triumphs once again at world blind tasting contest

This is France’s third victory since 2012.

Thursday October 22 2020 - Business by Vitisphere

Bordeaux wine shipper uses wine residues as fuel

ED 95, a by-product of winegrowing, is cheaper per litre (€0.85 excluding VAT compared to €1.25 excluding VAT for professional-use diesel) but uses at least 40% more fuel, which is a sizeable increase.

Wednesday October 21 2020 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Cognac has big ambitions for its environmental footprint

Some winegrowers only need to organise their traceability issues before they can be audited, whereas others still have to invest in controlled spraying equipment or set up washing areas.

Tuesday October 20 2020 - Business by Vitisphere

Vignobles Jeanjean moves into Pic Saint Loup

The company sells 2.3 million bottles a year in wine stores, supermarkets and the hospitality industry in France and in export markets.

Monday October 19 2020 - Business by Vitisphere

Marie Brizard to sell Moncigale wine brands, Boisset invests in rosés

The sales offer should be finalised by the end of 2020 or early 2021.

Friday October 16 2020 - marketing by Vitisphere

French Crémants target British market collectively

 In the English market, Alsace Crémants have a minor presence, whereas Loire and Burgundy offerings have better representation

Thursday October 15 2020 - marketing by Vitisphere

Beaujolais Nouveau launch disrupted by uncertainties caused by Covid-19

 The only certainty in the current market chaos is the decline in volumes marketed as Nouveau.

Wednesday October 14 2020 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Lower Champagne yields bring down French crop estimates

 As a consequence of an early vintage, by “the end of September, the bulk of the crop had been harvested and only a minority of late-ripening areas were left”, said the Ministry of Agriculture.

Tuesday October 13 2020 - Business by Vitisphere

Leading end-of-year French wine grower fairs cancelled

 Although exhibitors get a refund in the event of a cancellation, this is not the main issue: “There is a huge problem of loss of earnings”, points out Pierre-Antoine Giovannoni.

Monday October 12 2020 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

Compulsory purchase contract for Pays d'Oc making life difficult for wineries

 Although the majority of industry players are in favour of a balanced market, reactions to the measure on the ground have been varied

Friday October 09 2020 - Winemaking by Vitisphere

French coopers sustain revenues

 In value terms, the popularity of large format barrels has led to growth of 8.6% in the domestic market and 2.7% elsewhere.

Thursday October 08 2020 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

Natural wine organisation celebrates its first anniversary

 “Fifty labels is still not much”, concedes chairman Jacques Carroget (center).

Monday October 05 2020 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

Cognac growers relaxed about higher-than-expected yields

The four major Charente firms are Hennessy, Martell, Courvoisier and Rémy Martin.

Friday October 02 2020 - Culture and Wine by Vitisphere

Beaujolais Nouveau 2020 - intimacy rather than large-scale festivities

“There is not just one ‘Nouveau’ any more but a whole host of Nouveaux”, claims Inter Beaujolais.

Wednesday September 30 2020 - wine Tourism by Vitisphere

The Percée du Vin Jaune festival postponed until 2022, and revisited

Traditionally held every first weekend in February, the Percée du Vin Jaune could also take place on the second weekend in February so as not to overlap with the Transjurassienne cross-country skiing event.

Tuesday September 29 2020 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

Languedoc wines post encouraging data

At her September press conference, Miren de Lorgeril outlined the main thrust of the marketing board’s plans for the future.

Monday September 28 2020 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

The Trump tax costs the French wine industry $500 million, and its patience

“The situation has gone on long enough, we will not just bury the hatchet. We won’t just leave it at that”, said Jérôme Despey on 23 September during a video press conference.

Friday July 31 2020 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

Continued deadlock over 2020 yields in Alsace

 During its AGM, the Alsace Viticulture Association (AVA) voted for a yield level of 70 hl/ha for still white wines but the position has since been rejected.

Thursday July 30 2020 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

Champagne fails to agree on 2020 yields

Negotiations over the next few weeks will be decisive.

Tuesday July 28 2020 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Château d'Yquem certified organic by 2022

 Château d'Yquem has had a weather station for 140 years and has never recorded higher levels of rainfall between April and May than in 2020.

Monday July 27 2020 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Provence winegrower shot at with a rifle for spraying by night

 The neighbour has admitted to firing the shots

Friday July 24 2020 - marketing by Vitisphere

3,000 bottles of Champagne given to holidaymakers in Reims

Local authorities are relying on their ingenuity to attract tourists. In Reims, holidaymakers will receive a bottle of grower Champagne.

Thursday July 23 2020 - Business by Vitisphere

AdVini establishes strategic partnership with Veneto winery

Wine tourism will also play an important role in the new partnership, through the Ca' del Moro holiday complex.

Wednesday July 22 2020 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

Bordeaux marketing board to set aside wines from 2020 to reduce oversupplies

Each year, the CIVB board will establish a progress report after appellation applications are filed, announced Bernard Farges.

Friday July 17 2020 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Using treated waste water to irrigate vines in Languedoc

“We have also observed a fertigation effect, which reduces the amount of fertiliser applied by 50 to 70% depending on the amount of water used”, says Hernan Ojeda.

Thursday July 16 2020 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

New DNA analysis to treat downy mildew less but also better

“We will be able to tell our customers which agents the strains are resistant to, whether these resistances are weak or strong, and help them choose their plant protection products”, explains Jérémie Brusini.

Wednesday July 15 2020 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

New French Agriculture Minister determined to end use of glyphosate by 2021

Julien Denormandie has his sights squarely set on ensuring glyphosate is banned at the start of 2021. His ministry will soon publish the results of an inventory showing progress on purchases of herbicides.

Tuesday July 14 2020 - competition by Vitisphere

Montpellier chosen as the capital of Grenaches du Monde

The competition has two new features this year – it is now open to Marselan (a cross between Grenache and Cabernet-Sauvignon) and a new accolade has been introduced (ambassador wines, a selection of the finest gold medallists).

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