Thursday May 27 2021 - Equipment by Vitisphere

Maturing wines in amphorae produced with a 3-D printer

 To optimise the space required in wineries, Quentin Joly explains that the company can also design square tanks.

Wednesday May 26 2021 - Business by Vitisphere

€40,000 raised for a 100% Parisian wine

 In 2021, Pif à Papa should market a dozen labels, including three from Ile-de-France. Partnership arrangements have been signed with three winegrowers in the Ile de France region.

Monday May 24 2021 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Frost-struck French vineyards very slowly resume growth

 Carole Dumont stresses that just because the vines are budding again a month late does not mean that harvesting will take place in October. “The grapes can ripen very quickly on vines with a light crop load as long as the sun returns and the soil has enough water”.

Friday May 21 2021 - Business by Vitisphere

French co-operative winery diversifies into beer

 The co-operative intends to contact a malting plant for the barley and has approached an Alsace hop producer to complement its supplies.

Wednesday May 19 2021 - Wine people by Vitisphere

Nantes football supporters play as a team for winegrower Romain Héraud

 “In six years, we've experienced four frosts,' says winegrower Romain Héraud, whose vineyards were severely impacted this year, and who is keeping an eye on the slow growth of the secondary buds.

Friday May 14 2021 - Business by Vitisphere

Pantone uses its colour chart to promote Bordeaux rosés

 “With Colors, we didn't just want to add two new rosés to the category. From the outset, we gave thought to the consumer and the customer experience”, says Bouey's marketing manager Frédéric Louis-Maugeais.

Thursday May 13 2021 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Vines irrigated using waste water from tourists

The project will secure the water supply for this part of the La Clape hill range, which is one of the driest regions in Occitania and has been heavily penalised by climate change.

Tuesday May 11 2021 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Frost catches secondary buds of Chardonnay in Burgundy

 Protected vineyard blocks are faring slightly better.

Monday May 10 2021 - Wine and media by Vitisphere

Cartoon court case centres on sexism and natural wines

This is only the first chapter in the legal battle over the cartoon – another hearing on messages received by wine merchant Sandrine Goeyvaerts is in the preparation stages

Friday May 07 2021 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

20 rootstocks for tomorrow’s vineyards in Burgundy

 Information presented in the form of fact sheets is taken from official data (PlantGrape catalogue) complemented by the results of the latest research programmes.

Wednesday May 05 2021 - distribution by Vitisphere

French at-home wine consumption rises after a decade-long decrease

 With the exception of varietal PGIs (excluding foreign labels), all categories of wine attracted more buyers in 2020.

Friday April 30 2021 - Culture and Wine by Vitisphere

Nicolas Vanier poised to start shooting “Champagne!”

Nicolas Vanier discovered Champagne in 2017, during a conference on mankind and nature, organised by the Unesco Mission

Thursday April 29 2021 - Business by Vitisphere

Bollinger’s first “real” investment outside France

“This transaction unites the Bollinger family with the Ponzi family, who in the 1970s pioneered the planting of Pinot Noir in Oregon”, said the press release.

Wednesday April 28 2021 - Winemaking by Vitisphere

Bordeaux looks back on its 2020 vintage

Although the Merlot grapes were quite large, they produced wines showing good tannic structure, no rustic characters or dilution.

Tuesday April 27 2021 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

OIV paints a chequered picture of the global wine market in 2020

Pau Roca, director general of OIV: “2021 could replicate 2020'.

Monday April 26 2021 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

France’s wine production estimated at 32 million hl

If current estimates are confirmed, the 2021 harvest would be lower than that of 2017, which totalled just 38 million hl.

Friday April 23 2021 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Europe’s wine regions seriously affected by frost

Thursday April 22 2021 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

The bulk market for Provence rosés dips

Wednesday April 21 2021 - Business by Vitisphere is benefiting from the surge in e-commerce sales

Tuesday April 20 2021 - Business by Vitisphere

Krug builds a showcase in Ambonnay

Monday April 19 2021 - distribution by Vitisphere

Frost will have an impact on En Primeur pricing

Friday April 16 2021 - Equipment by Vitisphere

They say this robot will prune as well as a winegrower

 After three years of intense work, the winery was delighted this winter to mount its autonomous unit on a New Holland machine, which will handle distribution. Next year, 100 hectares will be pruned using R2T2.

Thursday April 15 2021 - Equipment by Vitisphere

26 photovoltaic projects in French vineyards for Sun'Agri

 The first results collected during the 2019 season on the Piolenc site showed that vines shaded by the equipment withstood soaring summer temperatures better than the others.

Tuesday April 13 2021 - Business by Vitisphere

Saint-Émilion classified growth sells for €75 million

 The property has been in the family since 1847 and Joséphine Duffau-Lagarrosse will be the eighth generation of the family to run it.

Monday April 12 2021 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Unprecedented cold snap wreaks havoc across France’s wine regions

 Two regions seem to have come out unscathed – Alsace and Pyrénées-Orientales.

Friday April 09 2021 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

French winegrowers call for financial support from the European Commission

Wednesday April 07 2021 - marketing by Vitisphere

Coteaux Champenois, Champagne’s new wave

 Long before bubbles came along, the Champagne wine region was a major producer of red wines (“clairets”), which far outnumbered white and rosé wines (“paillets”), before secondary bottle fermentation was mastered.

Tuesday April 06 2021 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Bordeaux converting to organic on a massive scale

 “The trend towards organic conversion is based on the social awareness of our members”, adds Philippe Cazaux.

Monday April 05 2021 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

French vineyards on maximum frost alert

 To make matters worse, on April 1, Emmanuel Buisson feared radiation frost on Sunday morning, April 4, in the South-East, Bordeaux area, the Loire Valley and Burgundy.

Thursday April 01 2021 - Winemaking by Vitisphere

An increase in calcium precipitation in wines

 To the best of our knowledge, there is only one product that can stabilise wines specifically against calcium precipitation and that is STABICa from the Champagne research centre.

Wednesday March 31 2021 - Business by Vitisphere

Millésime Bio to retain digital format in 2022

 Although the digital exhibition is more time-consuming to execute and requires shipping samples, it can nevertheless reach out to new visitors who would not have made the trip.

Monday March 29 2021 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

2045, the new deadline for new vineyard planting permits

 Presiding over the Council meeting on 23 March, the Portuguese Minister for Agriculture, Maria do Céu Antunes, said that CAP negotiations must be finalised over the first half of 2021.

Friday March 26 2021 - marketing by Vitisphere

Pesticide residue-free trust mark gains traction

 The aim is not to stigmatise conventional farming methods. By opening up a third avenue, the endorsement has proved, even in 2020 and certainly in the future, that zero can be positive.

Thursday March 25 2021 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Just planting trees won’t “foster biodiversity in vineyards”

 Regarding adaptation of vineyard management techniques, the report advises reducing tillage and switching to more surface procedures, or even just mowing.

Wednesday March 24 2021 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

Burgundy wines buck general downward trend

 “Burgundy is doing well overall, but this should not hide the suffering of some firms who produce small quantities and used to sell their wine to a small network of French customers”, stresses the chairman of the BIVB.

Tuesday March 23 2021 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

Provence rosés post best export performance in 2020

 Lack of consumer trade fairs and the prolonged closure of restaurants nevertheless had an impact on the region.

Monday March 22 2021 - Business by Vitisphere

Mouton Cadet ventures into organic wines

 The blend is 87% Merlot, 7% Cabernet-Sauvignon and 6% Cabernet Franc, matured in stainless steel tanks to preserve the fruit.

Thursday March 18 2021 - Equipment by Vitisphere

First tests, and effects, of exoskeletons on winegrowers’ backs

 These initial tests still need to be confirmed by further trials.

Tuesday March 16 2021 - Winemaking by Vitisphere

French winemakers want priority status for Covid-19 vaccinations

 “Testimonials by winemakers out on the ground all [showed that they] recovered completely after a few weeks. But this required rehabilitation and intense daily tasting exercises”, said Sophie Pallas.

Friday March 12 2021 - marketing by Vitisphere

When lack of Covid vaccines inspires a wine label

 The label is a pop-up design as Jean-Christophe Mauro hopes the Covid pandemic will quickly become a subject for the history books.

Thursday March 11 2021 - Winemaking by Vitisphere

The pigments responsible for a wine’s colour also change its flavour

 Further testing is needed to understand all these interactions.

Wednesday March 10 2021 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Côtes de Bourg confirms its compulsory HVE certification

 Among estates that are not certified, a large proportion have said that they are interested in HVE certification, pointed out the producers’ organisation.

Tuesday March 09 2021 - Business by Vitisphere

The effects of music on wine can be tasted at Châteauneuf-du-Pape

 Arthur Mayard comments on “greater intensity in the musical wine, with higher alcohol and more residual sugars, more depth and greater texture”.

Monday March 08 2021 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Bordeaux vines get swept away in landslide

 Heavy rains wreaked havoc in the vineyards of two Gironde winegrowers

Friday March 05 2021 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

Loire Valley wines limit Covid-induced damage to sales

 Although there is as yet no end in sight for the Covid crisis, Lionel Gosseaume continues to pin his hopes on a brighter future.

Thursday March 04 2021 - Business by Vitisphere

One Cru Classé reinvents Sauternes, with a sparkling wine and a rosé

 Through the new labels, Château d'Arche is offering a “different proposition that can be enjoyed on a more regular basis”, sums up Didier Galhaud.

Wednesday March 03 2021 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Burgundy grape varieties put to the climate change test

 The varietal range can be a lever for adjusting to climate change.

Tuesday March 02 2021 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

The stars are aligning for American taxes on French wines to be abolished

 “As soon as the Trade Representative, Katherine Tai, is confirmed, the Trade Commissioner, Valdis Dombrovskis, has been tasked with contacting her and telling her the European Union is aiming for a de-escalation of the situation”, stressed Franck Riester.

Monday March 01 2021 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

Disparaging Bordeaux wines costs an anti-agrochemical association €125,000

The ruling by the civil chamber states that “the smear campaign has been detrimental to the Bordeaux wine region, which is in the process of changing its practices”.

Friday February 26 2021 - Business by Vitisphere

2019, or the year of the coronavinous

 The wine is designed as a pop-up label: “I hope we won't be talking about it in 3-4 months’ time. It would be worrying if we were still talking about it in ten years' time! Our intention is not to capitalise on it”.

Thursday February 25 2021 - marketing by Vitisphere

Champagne winegrowers use grape varieties as a point of difference

 The Petit Meslier single varietal has a “novel and slightly salty taste” and a €79 consumer price tag.

Wednesday February 24 2021 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Savoy all-set to trial 7 heirloom vine varieties for appellation wines

 A first group of winegrowers have said they want to trial the heirloom varieties.

Friday February 19 2021 - Business by Vitisphere

Bordeaux co-operative puts Rhone varieties in its Vins de France

 The new label’s retail price is €6.40 /bottle.

Thursday February 18 2021 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

A more environmentally-friendly way of combatting frost

 This relatively clean system has been added to the CIVC's “sustainable winegrowing in Champagne” standard.

Wednesday February 17 2021 - Business by Vitisphere

Covid causes postponement of Découvertes en Vallée du Rhône until 2022

 The event planned by Inter Rhône in May 2021 for the general public has also been postponed until May 2022.

Tuesday February 16 2021 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

€11 billion surplus for French wines and spirits in 2020

 The French government raised the issue of a moratorium on the Trump taxes, which César Giron believes “is the only measure that can secure the development of our industry in the medium and long term”.

Monday February 15 2021 - Market conditions by Vitisphere

A New Year, and a new start, for Bordeaux wines in China

 “Just because we've just had three very good months compared to the previous nine doesn’t mean we’re heading for a fantastic period like 2010-2011”, says Roland Coiffe.

Wednesday February 10 2021 - Industry issues by Vitisphere

American taxes on wine “are one of France’s top priorities”

A confident Bruno Le Maire, France’s Minister of the Economy, says he is “hopeful that we can get the ball rolling over the coming weeks”.

Tuesday February 09 2021 - Vine growing by Vitisphere

Good news - Esca has no effect on wine quality

The researchers blended wines from diseased vines with wines from healthy vines to ensure that the grapes harvested from the vines showing symptoms could be reincorporated into the rest of the crop.

Monday February 08 2021 - Business by Vitisphere

France’s first wine with cannabis comes from Bordeaux

To placate the critics – and respond to disbelief as some people thought it was an April fool’s joke – the first vintage of the ‘Burdi W’ range was tasted by renowned consultants Alain Raynaud and Michel Rolland.

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