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Patented reconditioning of your bottles in 36 samples of 20 ml (the Vinottes ®) while retaining all the organoleptic properties of the wine. Producers, traders, wine merchants, e-commerce sites, training organizations : get your wines tasted easily to promote them.
24 avenue Joannès Masset
69009 LYON

Vinovae is a French start-up which, thanks to an  an innovative and patented process, is able to turn any kind of still wines and spirits bottles into 20ml samples : the « Vinottes ® ». This unique process guarantees that the organoleptic properties are perfectly preserved as in the initial bottle.


Producers, traders, interprofessionals, ..., get rid of the constraints of the bottle and increase the possibilities of making your wines to be known. From a single bottle, now reach 36 prospects/customers and divide your sampling costs by 10. The Vinottes are your commercial partner, marketing and communication tools !


Online shopping websites, Vinovae offers you the unique opportunity to get your wine to be tasted before purchase. New development opportunities are opening up to you.Wine shops, restaurants and wine bars, today you have to open a bottle every time you want to taste your wine, and unfortunately it spoils quickly. With our solution, you systematically reach 36 potential customers, without any temporal constraint.


Training organizations, develop your courses remotely through the Vinotte. Your students will follow your content while tasting at home !


Coopers, the Vinottes allow you to appreciate the differences in tastes depending on the used heaters and/or the thickness of your staves. Increase the commercial impact of your cooperage (on site or by correspondence) and promote the exchange on the desired bousinage.


Wedding, birthday gift, ..., think of the Vinottes to offer your guests a unique and unique souvenir !


To ensure the quality of our Vinottes, we have been closely working with John Euvrard, elected Best Sommelier of France in 2007 who vouches for our product.


Check out our website by clicking here.


Follow us on Instagram @_Vinovae !


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