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Champagne winegrowers break the marketing mould

By Vitisphere July 07, 2022
Champagne winegrowers break the marketing mould
The campaign is designed to be light-hearted and offbeat, with several posters matching the different styles of wine - crédit photo : SGV

ince 29 June, artwork on bus shelters and the store fronts of 167 wine shops in France have been displaying the new communications campaign rolled about by the Champagne winegrowers’ organisation (SGV). The eye-catching execution is based on six visuals showing a male or female winegrower illustrating one of Champagne’s flavour profiles: oaky and mature; fresh and iodine-like; natural and floral; rosé and silky; dry and mineral; and golden and fruity.

The campaign follows on from the SGV's two previous thrusts and aims to dissipate the sacrosanct image of Champagne as a wine designed only for special occasions. The execution will be rolled out on a variety of media, including 5,500 posters displayed from 29 June to 5 July, posters in 167 wine shops and a presence on social media.


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