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PGI wine producers call for a 'substantial increase' in prices

Par Vitisphere Le 28 octobre 2021
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PGI wine producers call for a 'substantial increase' in prices
The chairman of France’s PGI wine federation would like more thought to be given to establishing a trade reserve to iron out peaks and troughs in supplies and sales. - crédit photo : DR

ccording to ministry statistics, production of French wines with a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) will fall to 8.7 million hectolitres in 2021, a fall of 35% in a year. As Gérard Bancillon, chairman of France’s PGI wine federation, points out, the crop reached an all-time low and although there will be discrepancies from one wine region to another, there is already one certainty – the industry will have a shortfall of white wines. Consequently, there will be foreseeable disruptions in supplies of bulk wines, but also bottled lines.

Inevitably, there will be a knock-on effect on prices: “It makes sense”, claims Bancillon, who is calling on merchants to apply “a substantial increase so that wine growers can make it through a challenging situation, as the majority are not insured. We know full well that this will not compensate for the drop in production and loss of turnover”. With price pressure promising to be uncontrollable on certain grape varieties such as Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc, the chairman of the PGI federation is beseeching the trade to support producers, and view them “more as partners than suppliers”.

Winegrowers are tired, from the pressure of having to constantly ramp up environmental standards that do not translate to significant rises in price points and from the series of adverse weather events... Morale is low, frost can be fatal when you are not insured. We mustn't take this lightly”, warns Bancillon, as the industry gears up for the launch of the forthcoming bulk campaign, and announcement of the first prices. From merchants through to distributors, “everyone in the supply chain must make an effort so that consumers can continue to buy wines. We are not asking for prices to double, even though that is what we have had to contend with for stakes and fertilisers, for instance”, points out Bancillon.


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