French oenologists are teaching chemotherapy patients how to rehabilitate their sense of smell

Friday September 24 2021 by Vitisphere

 The protocol includes three 2-hour sessions at the ‘Gustarium’ in the Languedoc wine centre. The protocol includes three 2-hour sessions at the ‘Gustarium’ in the Languedoc wine centre. - Photo credit : Michèle Trévoux

An experiment where oenologists rehabilitate patients suffering from multiple myeloma or lymphoma in taste and smell after chemotherapy will be carried out starting next month at the ‘Gustarium’ of the Mas de Saporta Languedoc wine centre in Lattes, near Montpellier. The AOC Languedoc wine school is contributing its expertise in sensory analysis to an unprecedented clinical study on the sensory rehabilitation of patients whose sense of taste and smell have been impaired by chemotherapy treatment.

Most chemotherapy has a toxic effect on the mucous membranes. This results in disorders of smell and taste, both sensory functions that are of paramount importance to the quality of life of patients and their psychological well-being. We are launching the study at the request of patients' associations. To date, there are very few recommendations for treating these disorders”, say Professor Guillaume Cartron, head of the clinical haematology department at Montpellier University Hospital, and Dr Estelle Guerdoux of the Support Care Department at the Montpellier Regional Cancer Institute, both of whom are leading the project. The objective of this clinical study is to measure the impact of a sensory rehabilitation programme on impaired sense of smell and taste.


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