Using a legendary formula, growers bury a cask of wine for a year

Thursday September 09 2021 by Vitisphere

 The cask of Secret du Pallet spent a year underground. The cask of Secret du Pallet spent a year underground. - Photo credit : Patrick Touchais

Can a Nantes wine retail for €100 a bottle? Why not, say the winegrowers of Le Pallet. The members of a co-operative that is affiliated to the Loire Propriétés group, they have just launched Secret du Pallet, a 300-bottle micro-batch, made from a single barrel, whose defining feature is that it has spent a year underground. The wine is made from Muscadet variety Melon de Bourgogne and labelled Vin de France.

The winegrowers of Le Pallet are reviving an experiment first conducted in 2009, based on a local legend. The story goes that local knights, in order to avoid paying taxes, hid part of their crop by burying barrels in the basement of a mausoleum. One of the knights kept the key to their stash and was called the “custodian of the secret”. When he tasted the wine from one of the barrels, he was amazed by the quality of the pour, which had been protected from light, oxidation and variations in temperature.

Secret du Pallet, which is a tribute to this local legend, was bottled in a unique bottle, with an embossed key and a black wax seal and is presented in a wooden box.



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