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Pr. Pierre-Louis Teissedre: "Moderate wine drinking contributes to our well-being, and therefore to our health"

Par Vitisphere Le 30 juillet 2021
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Pr. Pierre-Louis Teissedre:
Professor Pierre-Louis Teissedre believes it is essential that “the official narrative and recommendations are based on credible, serious and certified scientific studies?. - crédit photo : DR

Use is not abuse”, points out Professor Pierre-Louis Teissedre, the newly-elected chairman of the Health and Safety Commission of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine. Elected at the organisation’s AGM on 12 July, Teissedre is a research professor at the Bordeaux institute of vine and wine sciences (ISVV). During his career, he has witnessed many attacks on wine consumption by anti-alcohol lobbies.

Whilst stressing that the fight against excessive consumption is widely accepted, and that for people who have issues with alcohol, abstention is the preferred choice, Teissedre advocates a balanced scientific approach to the benefits and risks of the effects of wine on health. “If I drink wine in moderation with a meal, it brings me pleasure, flavour and emotion. It is an essential part of a happy lifestyle. When you are deprived of it, you feel a loss. The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. It is not just the absence of disease and disabilities. All aspects of health must be taken into account. This includes well-being, which is not or hardly ever mentioned in research”, he stressed, adding “moderate wine consumption should be safeguarded and promoted. It contributes to our well-being and therefore to our health”.

Teissedre, who now chairs the OIV's Health and Safety Commission, announced that “OIV will have to work to put forward proposals so that this psychological dimension, which has been little explored to date, can be factored in”. The Bordeaux oenologist will also campaign for the promotion of moderate consumption. “For consumption and health, education and prevention are more effective than prohibition policies and pointing the finger, which have never proven their efficacy”, stressed Teissedre.


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Oscar H Rojas Le 07 août 2021 à 00:37:29
excellent article.
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