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The United Nations of the wine world yet to vote on relocation to Dijon

Par Vitisphere Le 21 juillet 2021
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The United Nations of the wine world yet to vote on relocation to Dijon
“There are many pros and cons, but it is always difficult to make a decision from a distance. It will be interesting to see things in situ?, said Monika Christmann. - crédit photo : Mairie de Dijon (Hôtel Bouchu d'Esterno)

onfirming recent rumours, on 12 July France proposed to move the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) to Dijon, in Côte d'Or. The capital of Burgundy has thus won its battle against rival candidacies by Bordeaux (Gironde) and Reims (Marne), but it has yet to win the relocation war from Paris to the countryside. “There will be no decision today, but at the next AGM in October in Dijon [on 25 October]. It's an offer, but no decision has been made”, said Monika Christmann, OIV’s vice-chair at the organisation’s nineteenth AGM by video conference in Paris.

The forthcoming visit, which will allow technical and diplomatic experts from the 48 member states of the wine world’s equivalent of the UN to visit the capital of Burgundy, should also provide answers to their questions about the location’s ability to welcome visitors and, above all, about its accessibility. The proposal to relocate OIV headquarters from the eighth arrondissement of Paris to Hotel Bouchu d'Esterno in the centre of Dijon, seems to pose logistical problems. Pau Roca, OIV’s director general, supports the French bid: “Leaving Paris is not a mistake. It will not cause a disconnect for the organisation. On the contrary, I firmly believe that it will free up resources and energies to expand our activities. Choosing an appropriate head office is also about efficiency and making economic sense. The current situation implies operational costs, which take useful resources away from meeting the needs of our members”.

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