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Vins de France looks to cocktails to promote awareness

By Vitisphere July 02, 2021
Vins de France looks to cocktails to promote awareness
The cocktails also seek to leverage the trend for no-low alcohol drinks - crédit photo : Beax/Anivin de France

ust as pavement bars and cafés once again welcome patrons across France, the national Vin De France wine marketing board (Anivin De France) has no intention of leaving the field free for beers, spritzes and the like. The VDF Cocktails concept took shape during the different lockdowns, and is now ready to go this summer with recipes revisiting the Moscow Mule (ginger beer, lemon juice and vodka) and Gin Fizz (sparkling water, gin, syrup and lemon juice). Enter the Chardo Mule – a registered trademark, where the vodka is replaced by Chardonnay – and Sauv'Fizz, made from Sauvignon blanc instead of gin, with cucumber syrup.

As a representative of all varietal wines, we are legitimate trend setters”, claims Anivin De France director Valérie Pajotin, who feels that mixology is in no way degrading for the image of the Vins De France category. “We don't have any psychological barriers, quite the opposite. The trend favours sophistication, using good products to make good cocktails”. Anivin has opted for easy-to-make cocktail recipes at home and promotes them on its Instagram account with illustrations by French artist Beax, targeting bartenders and influencers.

The launch of the communications campaign coincides with the reopening of pavement bars and cafés and will be rolled out in sales outlets, starting with supermarkets this summer, followed by cafés and restaurants on September 8-9 with the Richard wholesale group. “This will be the first of several years of PR and marketing drives”, says Pajotin, who points out that the Spritz was not an overnight success but took at least five years to establish. “The challenge is to get the mixology enthusiasts’ community on board. The Mule and Fizz are popular recipes, following on from the Mojito and Spritz trend”, explains Pajotin.

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