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Rhone wines open Chinese promotion office

By Vitisphere June 23, 2021
Rhone wines open Chinese promotion office
At the June AGM, Philippe Pellaton explained that this decision is part of the board’s “support for market recovery, stimulus of demand and activation of a preference for the Rhone Valley wine region”.

fter scaling back its activities in 2020 due to Covid, the Rhone Valley wine marketing board (Inter Rhone) is re-launching structuring projects in a bid to gain market shares in France and export markets, according to its chairman Philippe Pellaton at the organisation’s AGM on June 4 in Avignon. The Chinese market continues to be a strategic destination and Inter Rhone is therefore planning to open a representative office in Shanghai at the end of the year to relaunch its promotional thrusts.


Inter Rhone has so far suspended its actions in China, as marketing boards are now considered as Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), which have an obligation to have a legal representative in the country in order to operate, as per a 2017 law. The regulations led all marketing boards to stop their activities whilst they sought compliance, after which they hope to be able to restart their promotion drives with no further issues.


Inter Rhone has therefore decided to establish a representative office so that it can resume its promotional activities. Its Shanghai location, which requires “a significant investment”, confirms “the marketing board’s determination to have a long-term, structural presence in the Chinese market, which is one of Rhone Valley wines’ most dynamic markets”, the board told Vitisphere. Inter Rhone is not yet sure how long the procedure will take but hopes to open its new office before the end of 2021, with a view to starting up its promotional activities again in 2022.


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