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Europe's wine regions seriously affected by frost

By Vitisphere April 23, 2021
Europe's wine regions seriously affected by frost
- crédit photo : Consortium Brunello di Montalcino

s in France, winegrowers across Europe are assessing the consequences of the arctic temperatures that swept through many wine regions last week. Although assessments are still ongoing, several wine regions are already reporting significant losses. In Spain, according to the Agroseguro crop insurance system, thousands of hectares of vines but also other crops have apparently been affected in Extremadura and Catalonia, to name just two regions. On the other side of the Alps, several large Italian regions are also reporting significant damage. In the Centre-North (Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna, Piedmont, Veneto), where temperatures plummeted to -7°C, many vineyards have been affected. “We went from temperatures above 20-25°C (the first anomaly) over the last few days to frost last night (the second anomaly)”, explained the chairman of the Cia agricultural organisation in Veneto, Gianmichele Passarini. “In our region, the most affected areas were the foothills, the hills and the Treviso area... Unfortunately, we are expecting a few more nights of cold temperatures: in the hills, especially in the vineyards of Prosecco, the vines were in full growth mode with strong bud-burst and they are in danger of collapsing... It will take a few days to find out if the damage is irreversible. This would certainly be a dramatic situation as we are relying on the recovery of exports to overcome the challenges faced by the industry during the pandemic”.


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