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Krug builds a showcase in Ambonnay

By Vitisphere April 20, 2021
Krug builds a showcase in Ambonnay
- crédit photo : Krug

rug (MHCS group) has just unveiled plans to build a new production site in Clos d'Ambonnay, next to a 0.68-hectare vineyard. Named ‘Joseph 2.0’, as a tribute to Joseph Krug, the company’s founder in 1843, the plans involve creating two twin buildings. The total footprint, spread over three floors, will cover 9,400 m2. “All production activities, from pressing through to bottling, will be carried out in these facilities”, explains Julie Cavil, Krug's head cellar master. “The bottles will then be transported to the Reims facilities for maturation, disgorging and packaging”.


330 tanks in 5 underground wineries

The facilities will be operational by the 2023 harvest and will include 330 tanks housed in five underground wineries. Gnat Ingénieurie has been tasked with project management while architectural aspects will be managed by the Parisian agency AW2. “For two years, we have been working on the flow of goods, on occupational issues and on energy saving”, continues Cavil. It is only natural that this modern and visually appealing building should be sustainably designed. Rainwater will be harvested, natural light will be favoured and the building will be constructed using low-carbon materials.


Building work, whose cost has not been disclosed, has just begun


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