Frost will have an impact on En Primeur pricing

Monday April 19 2021 by Vitisphere

- Photo credit : Château Chantegrive

Quentin Chaperon, director of sourcing and chateau relations at U'Wine, which has 500,000 bottles in stock, is busy tasting wines during En Primeur season in Bordeaux. By the end of the month, he will have tasted no fewer than 500 to 600 wines. “I don't feel the freshness of the 2019 vintage in all the wines, but it's a great, ripe, balanced 2020 vintage”, he said. Ultimately, he will select 80 properties out of the 300 released as futures in Bordeaux.


Driving up prices does not make good business sense

Pandemic-induced issues are still raising questions, which means that in many countries, the hospitality industry is still closed. There’s also the frost event of the last few days. “Faced with the problem of frost, some may be very tempted to ramp up their prices significantly, which is what occurred when frost struck in 2017. This does not make good business sense”, he stressed. And to hammer home the point, he added: “Properties must show consistency with last year’s prices or at least apply only a marginal increase. Noteworthy decreases for the 2019 vintage allowed Bordeaux to recover markets and create renewed appeal for En Primeurs”. It seems dubious, though, whether his advice will be heeded.



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