French winegrowers call for financial support from the European Commission

Friday April 09 2021 by Vitisphere

- Photo credit : Luc Jennepin (Vignerons Indépendants de France)

The release of European aid seems to be the wine industry’s priority since the start of the year

Jean-Marie Fabre (chairman of the French independent winegrowers): We are asking for a proper European support plan. In many wine regions (Aquitaine, Loire Valley, Occitania, South-East...), concerns overlap. The closer we get to the 2021 harvest, the more the pressure is mounting. We have the tools, but we need the funding for them. The National Aid Programme will not provide the resources this year, as the allowance will be used, most notably for investment aid projects. A European budget must be specifically directed at the wine industry.

The European Commission must realise that the wine industry is directly impacted by the worsening economic climate in general. Neither Spain, nor Italy, nor the other wine producing countries will deny this. It is essential that the European Union does not fail to meet its obligations by rejecting our request for access to the margins subject to a ceiling. Last year we were told that they had been utilised when ultimately they had been used for European policy. They had better not do the same thing again to us this year!


So the emergency is in Brussels?

In the coming weeks, the industry will examine the [market management] aid to be requested from the Ministry of Agriculture. To leverage the necessary tools, the European Union must make a commitment. We have crisis distillation, green harvesting and aid for private storage tools. We are asking the Commission to become aware of the situation so that it will respond to our needs. The issue lies in managing the consequences of the health crisis on our volumes and our markets.





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