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One winegrower has chosen to put his bag-in-box in an artistic cylinder

By Vitisphere April 08, 2021
One winegrower has chosen to put his bag-in-box in an artistic cylinder
The Cox-in-Tube has a price tag of €38 for the Chardonnay and €40 for the red Côtes-du-Rhône Signargues. - crédit photo : Château des Coccinelles

hâteau des Coccinelles, an 80-hectare estate in the southern Rhone Valley owned by the Fabre family, has released a more elegant version of the classic bag-in-box format. The cylindrical packaging with a handle provides adequate quantities (3 litres in this case), particularly during lockdown. On top of its shape and use, the tube-shaped packaging is primarily designed to be artistic and to appeal to younger consumers who are increasingly turning to bag-in-boxes. According to research conducted by Smurfit Kappa and Wine Intelligence in 2020, 40% of buyers are under 35 years old and are tending to favour the 3-litre format.

In conjunction with Julien Raynaud, a 32-year-old Marseilles artist with a penchant for neo-cubism, and with the support of the Uzès urban gallery, Château des Coccinelles has transformed the traditional square bag-in-box into an item that consumers can proudly place on the dinner table. “The idea was to present an elegant object that would not distort the artist's work, so the tap is at the back of the Cox-in-Tube”, explains Charlotte Della Rica, the estate's wine tourism manager.

For shipping to private customers, the cylindrical shape of the Cox-in-Tube fits perfectly into magnum boxes. For the trade, we will pack them into small pallets by incorporating dividers, as the cylindrical shape of the Cox-in-Tube is more robust than the cubic shape of the bag-in-box”. The Cox-In-Tube does not have a patent for the moment and is not intended to be marketed in large volumes, but it may evolve.

We are now selling 1,500 units of our Cox-in-Tube, both Chardonnay and red Côtes-du-Rhône Signargues, but we plan to use other grape varieties and other artwork in the future depending on how successful we are”, adds Della Rica.

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Laszlo Horvath Le 24 juin 2021 à 16:03:12
Dear Sirs, it is very interesting box for wine. Where it is possible to buy? Are you also wine box makers?
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