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2045, the new deadline for new vineyard planting permits

By Vitisphere March 29, 2021
2045, the new deadline for new vineyard planting permits
Presiding over the Council meeting on 23 March, the Portuguese Minister for Agriculture, Maria do Céu Antunes, said that CAP negotiations must be finalised over the first half of 2021. - crédit photo : European Council

t its meeting on 22 and 23 March, the Council of EU Agriculture Ministers added discussions on the Common Market Organisation for Wine (CMO wine) to an agenda featuring the future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), with a particular focus on the extension of authorisations for planting new vines after 2030.

Both the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament agreed on an extension until 2045 of current regulations on new vine plantings, capped at 1% of vineyard acreage in each Member State. This is a happy medium between the Council's proposal – which wanted to set the deadline at 2040, particularly after persuasion by France – and the Parliament's vote, targeting 2050.

The agreement between the legislative branches of the trialogue prompted the European Commission to announce its consent, according to a source at the French Ministry of Agriculture. When contacted, the Commission said it would not comment on the ongoing negotiations. “For the moment, the jury is still out, but negotiations are almost finalised”, said staff at the French Ministry of Agriculture, stressing that for the CAP, “as long as there is no agreement on everything, there is no agreement on anything”.

This is a major achievement for the wine industry, but the overall text has not been voted on”, warned MEP Irène Tolleret, vice-chair of the European Parliament's Wine Intergroup. She pointed out that non-wine producing countries are opposed to parliamentary amendments regarding the development of the general CMO, particularly the list of industries assisted by management measures and the implementation of penalties in the event of increased production during a crisis. “A new stage of negotiations is opening up to avoid blocking this progress”, stressed Tolleret.

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