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Burgundy wines buck general downward trend

By Vitisphere March 24, 2021
Burgundy wines buck general downward trend
“Burgundy is doing well overall, but this should not hide the suffering of some firms who produce small quantities and used to sell their wine to a small network of French customers”, stresses the chairman of the BIVB. - crédit photo : BIVB

espite the ongoing crisis, Burgundy wines showed sustained export volume growth in 2020, with consignments in excess of 90 million equivalent 75 cl bottles, up 0.8% on 2019.

We are staying the course which is quite remarkable considering the difficulties experienced by our neighbours”, said François Labet, chairman of the BIVB. “Some markets have bounced back spectacularly. The United Kingdom, which has now overtaken the United States by volume and has become our leading customer, is one of them. We have also made major inroads in Sweden, Norway and Canada, and Asia (Taiwan, Singapore and Korea) is performing very well”.

White wines are driving export sales, particularly AOC Chablis and Petit-Chablis (+7.5% in volume and +5.7% in value, with 30.5% of the volume and 24.4% of the value of Burgundy white wines), and the regional Mâconnais appellations (+8.7% in volume and +1.8% in value, representing 21% of the volume and 9.5% of the value of Burgundy white wines).

Europe and the French overseas territories represent 52% of volumes and 39% of revenue. Burgundy grew by 10.8% in volume and 11.6% in revenue across the region. Conversely, non-EU countries, which have been very buoyant in recent years, were more affected by the current situation, losing 8.4% in volume and 7.3% in revenue.

Overall, export turnover is down by 0.8% but remains in excess of one billion euros. “This is a level we need to maintain, and we have got off to a good start in 2021, even if the Covid pandemic, Brexit and American taxes raise concerns for us”, says Labet.


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