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Grands Crus wine bottles broken by their thieves

Par Vitisphere Le 21 janvier 2021
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Grands Crus wine bottles broken by their thieves
As the script of a comedy film, the scenario would probably have us laughing, but for the victims, it is anything but amusing. - crédit photo : Lavinia (Yann Deret)

ver the past two weeks, three wine cellars have been burgled and several more attempts have taken place in Burgundy. The first of them targeted the 3-star Michelin restaurant belonging to Georges Blanc in Vonas (Ain), then that of fellow restaurant the Lameloise in Chagny (Saône-et-Loire) and yet another one near Tournus. But the most unusual burglary occurred at a Relais & Château hotel which was the victim of major thefts on two successive nights. On the second occasion, the owner was woken by the alarm and he set off to catch the perpetrators.

The local gendarmerie then took over and a chase ensued. In a bid to lose the gendarmes, the thieves threw bottles at them, though fortunately failed to hit them. The van ended up at a tollgate near Lyon but the thieves vanished into thin air. Losses are estimated to be in excess of €500,000. The owner, who is still in a state of shock, declined to comment for now so as not to jeopardise the enquiry and his chances of finding the perpetrators and wine.

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