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France’s first Vaccs'vin is on its way!

By Vitisphere January 15, 2021
France’s first Vaccs'vin is on its way!
Christophe Avi, a winegrower in France’s Brulhois area, is releasing a wine at the end of January that promises to have side effects.

fter the Covid test label by Bordeaux winegrower Jean-Christophe Mauro (Chapelle Bérard), another French winegrower – Christophe Avi at Domaine du Bois de Simon in Lot-et-Garonne – has decided to capitalise on the pandemic. “A female friend of mine suggested that after the test, you need a vaccine!” explained Avi, who is releasing his new label at the end of January. The Vin de France-labelled Merlot will be sold by wine merchants, but can also be pre-ordered on the winery’s website from January 12. “At the moment, I'm planning to produce 10,000 bottles, but depending on sales, I may be able to make more”, he continued. “I would like my wine to be released when the Covid-19 vaccine becomes available for sale in France, to mark the occasion”, he said.

There is no hidden message behind this label - everyone is free to decide whether they have the vaccination or not. My aim is just to make people laugh”, said Avi. The label also points out that the wine is available without a prescription from the San'avi laboratory. But watch out for the side effects: Good mood, smiles and friendliness! “If this wine helps me make my customers laugh and allows me to pay my staff and my bills, I will be honoured”, concluded the winegrower.

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