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Loire Wine Show changes dates and combines with fringe events in 2021

Par Vitisphere Le 14 décembre 2020
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Loire Wine Show changes dates and combines with fringe events in 2021
With its new format, “the show’s exhibitor numbers would increase from 600 to 1,200, if Dive joins us?, points out Eric Grelier. - crédit photo : Salon des Vins de la Loire

ather than run the risk of cancellation due to the Covid-19 crisis, the Loire wine show’s organisers have decided to circumvent the issue by postponing the event by two months. The show will now run on Sunday 11 and Monday 12 April at the Angers exhibition centre. “Mid-April is a convenient date for everyone. We cannot contemplate holding a stress-free show on 3-4 February, two weeks after the planned reopening of restaurants. It is unimaginable, we have no visibility”, claims Eric Grelier, chairman of the Loire wine fair. But the event’s organisers are viewing the postponement not as a burden, but rather as an opportunity for emphasising the ecosystem surrounding the Angers event.

The exhibition centre will continue to welcome the organic winegrowers of the Levée de Loire and Demeter biodynamic winegrowers. It should also welcome Grenier Saint-Jean and potentially Dive Bouteille. “The event will ensure maximum safety for welcoming visitors”, explains Loire wine show project manager Aurélie Michaud, who stresses that each organiser will manage its exhibition independently.

To date, the Loire wine show is the “only physical show planned for the spring, so success is within its reach. There's going to be a real need to re-engage within the industry, now that Millésime Bio in its bricks-and-mortar form has been cancelled [Ed: but maintained digitally], Wine Paris has been postponed until June and ProWein has been cancelled... This could broaden the scope of our visitors”, says the chairman of the local chamber of commerce and industry.

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