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Vinovalie revolutionises boxed wines, turning them on their heads

Par Vitisphere Le 10 novembre 2020
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Vinovalie revolutionises boxed wines, turning them on their heads
Containing the equivalent of three bottles, the boxes are competitively priced. “The IGP wines in the Grand 8 range will not be sold above €8 and the appellation brands will be under €10?, says Jacques Tranier. - crédit photo : Vinovalie

rand 8, the new boxed wine range from Vinovalie, has guaranteed shelf stand-out. Due to its long octagonal shape, the 2.25-litre format has two slots for taking out the tap and can therefore be positioned horizontally or vertically for serving. Despite its novel design, though, it can still be kept in the fridge.

We are outsiders in the boxed wine market. We are entering the category by taking a different approach to everyone else, the ultimate aim being to break the mould and promote premiumisation”, announced Jacques Tranier, managing director of the Vinovalie co-operative group which boasts 400 member growers and 3,800 hectares of bearing vines in Cahors, Fronton and Gaillac.

Produced in conjunction with supplier Smurfit Kappa, the new ‘BIB’ format was devised by Vinovalie during lockdown, when boxed wines experienced unprecedented growth in French supermarkets. Vinovalie’s aim was to use innovation to energise and premiumise the boxed wine category, resulting in Grand 8. Due to adjustments required along the packaging chain (from introducing the pouches to assembling the boxes), the new format is currently produced by hand. The process is due to be mechanised and automated by January 2021.

The Grand 8 boxes will be rolled out across all markets from March 2021, and are currently being trialled in supermarkets in South-West France. Vinovalie will have two years’ exclusive use of the new format after the launch of the Grand 8 range. The brand is currently available as IGP Comté Tolosan in red, rosé and white versions, but AOC brands are planned, as well as a possible organic option.

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