French PGI wines “maturing” towards “stricter production management”

Friday November 06 2020 by Vitisphere

“PGI wine offers good value for money and a dynamic, mould-breaking image”, claims Gérard Bancillon.“PGI wine offers good value for money and a dynamic, mould-breaking image”, claims Gérard Bancillon. - Photo credit : DR

PGI wines seem to tick all the boxes for today’s consumers, offering light whites and rosés, affordable pricing, many boxed wine formats and private labels, and because of this have held their ground in this unprecedented era of uncertainty. “The last marketing season went well, with a 2% volume and value increase in bulk trade”, sums up Gérard Bancillon, chairman of the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI wines) federation. His overall assessment of lockdown is positive: “We have held onto our markets and even made progress. Over the period, our good fortune was that many PGI wines are listed in supermarkets and generate high-volume sales”. This gives them an undeniable edge considering the widespread challenges in the hospitality industry and export markets, where PGI wines dropped 5 % in volume during the marketing campaign.

Having said this, “PGI wines are maturing and measures have to be taken to prevent everything from falling apart”, warns Bancillon, who is advising operators to produce PGI wines only when they have the certainty of being able to market them. His advice harks back to the conditions of access introduced by PGI Pays d'Oc for the 2020-2021 marketing campaign. A working party has been set up in the PGI wine industry to examine the levers that will allow the production potential of this segment to be managed. As AOC wines face major marketing difficulties, the challenge for PGIs is to “avoid other segments switching to our markets and benefitting from the windfall. We don't have any proposals yet, but we are considering technical and legal aspects to regulate production”, says Bancillon.



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