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Rémy Cointreau makes a comeback in Champagne

Par Vitisphere Le 30 octobre 2020
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Rémy Cointreau makes a comeback in Champagne
One third of the grapes grown by Maison J. de Telmont are currently certified organic. In 2021, the estate will also be HVE certified. - crédit photo : Champagne J. de Talmont

his time for sure, Rémy Cointreau is back in Champagne, ten years after selling Charles and Piper Heidsieck. Negotiations have moved along swiftly and the group announced on Friday 16 October that it had bought a majority stake in the capital of J. de Telmont Champagne, founded in 1912 in Damery, near Epernay. The sale includes the brands, stocks, production facilities, real estate assets and around forty hectares of vines.

Bertrand Lhopital, the estate’s current manager and 4th generation of the founding family, will continue to provide support for the group. “The arrival of Rémy Cointreau, which has a well-established attachment to vineyard sites, adds a new dimension to the quest for excellence that drives our family”, he stressed.

The House will be chaired and managed by Ludovic du Plessis, who was executive director of Louis XIII Cognac for 6 years. He aims to develop the brand internationally, “while protecting its master artisan approach to Champagne and increasing its commitment to organic farming, at a time when only 3% of the region's vineyards are certified organic”.


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