Beaujolais Nouveau 2020 - intimacy rather than large-scale festivities

Friday October 02 2020 by Vitisphere

“There is not just one ‘Nouveau’ any more but a whole host of Nouveaux”, claims Inter Beaujolais.“There is not just one ‘Nouveau’ any more but a whole host of Nouveaux”, claims Inter Beaujolais. - Photo credit : Inter Beaujolais

Due to the negative impact of the coronavirus pandemic, “festivities surrounding Beaujolais Nouveau will be unusual, but even the smallest event will be a cause for celebration”, claimed Dominique Piron, chairman of the Beaujolais wine marketing board Inter Beaujolais in a press release.

This year, we will enjoy these festive moments in small groups, with our friends and family”, said the winegrower, who is compensating for this scaling back of activities through the use of digital technology and local shops: “We will engage with as many people as possible through social media, then we will go to our local wine shop or supermarket or share some fun moments in restaurants”.

A mosaic of wines and drinking occasions

InterBeaujolais is adapting to an unknown future and focusing its PR on the diversity of Nouveau wines produced by the region’s winegrowers and trading firms. This plethora of wines matches a wide array of drinking occasions, despite social distancing and other measures restricting gatherings. “This unprecedented year will have an incredible impact on our behaviour and inevitably put an end to large festive gatherings. But the best way to socialise is not in crowds but with family and friends”, concluded Dominique Piron, trying to make the best of a challenging situation.

The kick-off for 2020 Beaujolais Nouveau is Thursday, November 19.


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