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Languedoc wines post encouraging data

Par Vitisphere Le 29 septembre 2020
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Languedoc wines post encouraging data
At her September press conference, Miren de Lorgeril outlined the main thrust of the marketing board’s plans for the future.

"Harvesting went well all over the Languedoc region. We picked great fruit in excellent conditions. The harvest looks promising. But I'm being careful not to get over excited yet”, said Miren de Lorgeril, chair of the Languedoc wine marketing board CIVL as she presented the economic situation for Languedoc AOPs and IGP Sud de France in a video press conference on September 24. Production estimates for the Languedoc Roussillon wine region are in the range of 13 million hectolitres, a 7% increase in volumes compared to 2019 and a 6% increase on the five-year average.

One of the defining features of the 2019/2020 marketing campaign was a drop in the amount of wine leaving wineries (-10% for AOCs and -7% for PGIs at the end of July), although the full impact was partially offset by crisis distillation (1.342 million hl). Conversely, in June-July-August, there is a clear trend towards recovery (+9%) with all appellations back in growth mode, particularly the red wine areas: La Clape (+11%), Faugères (+20%), Minervois (+23%). For the whites, Picpoul de Pinet is showing positive results, with an increase of 17% over the same period. Between June and August, IGP wines posted good results, with a 9% increase in ex-cellar sales, due mainly to healthy progress shown by whites (+6%) and rosés (+21%).

Rebound in exports

From June onwards, AOP and PGI wines returned to growth in export markets, delivering good performances in the United States (+33%), Germany (+50%), Belgium (+81%) and the United Kingdom in all three colours, with good value sales for the Languedoc appellations: +3% in volume and +11% in value. The popularity of Picpoul de Pinet with the British (+40% in volume, +46% in value) confirms the leadership position of Languedoc white wines in the English market.




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