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Provence winegrower shot at with a rifle for spraying by night

Par Vitisphere Le 27 juillet 2020
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Provence winegrower shot at with a rifle for spraying by night
The neighbour has admitted to firing the shots - crédit photo : DR

Today it’s a tank, tomorrow it’ll be someone’s head”, warned Laurent Grimaud, secretary general of the Var farmers’ union, who has filed a civil suit after the complaint filed on July 17 by a winegrower in Gonfaron (83). “A few hours earlier, during the night, he was shot at twice with a rifle while he was spraying his vines with Bordeaux mixture”, added Grimaud.

The winegrower wishes to remain anonymous. “He is in a complete state of shock, he could have died”, continues Grimaud. The winegrower was on his tractor when two shots rang out. He didn't immediately understand. “At the first shot, he thought he had punctured a tyre. On the second shot, he thought he had knocked over an empty Coke can in his cab with his arm. It was only when he went back to his shed to rinse out the tank of his pneumatic sprayer that he realised it was leaking, after being pierced by two bullet holes”.

The police studied the bullets’ trajectory. The shots were fired from a house about 30 metres from the vineyard. The winegrower's neighbour has admitted to the shooting. He was inebriated. “That’s no excuse”, said Grimaud. “We're used to being insulted or filmed when we're spraying, but this is the first time someone has been shot at. In Var, we all spray by night when the wind drops and the vines are the most receptive. It takes a tractor 10 minutes to spray a vineyard. It's like a dustbin lorry that comes along at 5 am, it doesn't bother anyone”.


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Jack Tomasello Le 28 juillet 2020 à 18:32:17
Weather sometimes doesn’t allow us to spray when we would like but when we have to. If it were my State it would be the environmentalists doing the shooting. Tough enough to grow wine grapes but a bad neighbor is extremely difficult. I have one of those too. Hang in there winegrower!
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