The first insect-based fertiliser released in the French market

Wednesday June 24 2020 by Vitisphere

The French company feeds its Tenebrio Molitor worms on cereal by-products.The French company feeds its Tenebrio Molitor worms on cereal by-products.

After four years of research in partnership with several institutes, including Bordeaux Sciences Agro, Ÿnsect has become the first company in the world to obtain authorisation to market a natural insect-based fertiliser.

The fertiliser, ŸnFrass, is made from the excrement of the Tenebrio Molitor, a type of worm bred and fed in Jura on cereal by-products. It is designed for farmers, market gardeners and winegrowers but also gardening enthusiasts. ŸnFrass comes in the form of granules and is balanced in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, to a ratio of 4-3-2. Its organic matter content is estimated at 85%.

A yield gain of 23%

According to the company, trials on vines have shown that it resulted in a 23% increase in yields compared to unfertilised controls, with better soil quality and a good balance of nutrients in the petioles “conducive to wine quality”.





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