The local market at the core of the Rhone Valley’s recovery plan

Monday June 08 2020 by Vitisphere

Rhone firms should not need to resort to crisis distillationRhone firms should not need to resort to crisis distillation - Photo credit : InterRhône

The Rhone Valley wine industry presented its new plan to revive sales of Rhone wines following the coronavirus crisis on June 4 at a press conference in Avignon. The plan is along similar lines to the one announced in Provence on the same day.

Like their counterparts in Provence, Rhone Valley industry leaders have decided to redirect part of the marketing board’s communications budget, reducing the share initially earmarked for export markets from 70% to 50%. The share of the domestic market has increased by 15%, i.e. 2 million euros. The aim is to introduce regional and national thrusts. “We are going to speak more powerfully to French consumers”, said Philippe Pellaton, vice-chairman of InterRhône.

Initiatives will include hosting aperitifs in Avignon, advertising on the radio, in the regional press and on digital media, setting up a Côtes-du-Rhône tourist information office, and organising a large number of small-scale events in the wine region. “The measures are intended to encourage people to visit and discover the region”, summed up InterRhône.

The rationale of industry representatives is that the French will now focus more on local products following the health crisis, are planning to return to restaurants and above all to spend their summer holidays in France, including the AB+ social group who usually go abroad. Another advantage for the Rhone Valley is that it straddles three regions (PACA, Aura and Occitanie) which are very popular with tourists.




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