Alain Bouquet’s first disease-resistant varieties listed in the French catalogue

Friday June 05 2020 by Vitisphere

The red grape variety Rebelia and the white grape variety Recybel.The red grape variety Rebelia and the white grape variety Recybel. - Photo credit : Archives INRA

This is the latest step towards recognition of the visionary work by late French researcher Alain Bouquet on grape varieties resistant to fungal diseases (downy and powdery mildew). After the academic tribute from the National Institute for Agronomic Research (INRA), the Official Catalogue of Species and Varieties of Plants Grown in France can register two of his new varieties following publication of the March 13 decree - Rebelia (red) and Recybel (white). Approved by the Technical Standing Committee for Vine Breeding (CTPS), the registrations mark the successful completion of the Fijus project, whose aim is to obtain varieties specific to grape juice production.

The research project, which was initiated at the request of the Foulon Sopagly group and financed by a single inter-ministerial fund, has already resulted in the registration of seven grape varieties in 2017 (one Vitis vinifera, Caralicante, and six direct producer hybrids: Carubis, Farelia, Iloa, Flot rouge, Galibia and Silara) and should result in the registration of a third variety by Alain Bouquet (Reclia) in 2021.


The French Catalogue incorporated 11 vine varieties on March 13, with one notable resistant variety: Sauvignac, the Swiss resistant variety Cal 6-04 by nurseryman Valentin Blattner, which has been trialled at Domaine de la Colombette and supported by Mercier Frères Nurseries.

The French Vine and Wine Institute (IFV) supported eight heirloom and foreign grape varieties that were also registered (Airen, Brustianu, Cualtacciu, Glera, Negret Pounjut, Rossula Bianca, Uva Biancona and Vintaghju).





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