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Summer campaign for Bordeaux En Primeur

By Vitisphere May 21, 2020
Summer campaign for Bordeaux En Primeur
“Using this format, we can potentially reach out to 85 to 90% of the world's En Primeur customers”, said Ronan Laborde. - crédit photo : UGCB

fter the shock of En Primeur week being suspended and with time for a rethink during lockdown, the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux (UGCB) is rescheduling the presentation of the 2019 vintage next June, as a prelude to the marketing campaign. “A large majority of producers, merchants and customers have now agreed that the lesser evil is to hold an En Primeur campaign this summer”, claimed Ronan Laborde, chairman of the UGCB.

The presentation of the vintage to Bordeaux negociants will be organised using a small-scale format and begin in early June at the Grand Hôtel de Bordeaux for a fortnight of sessions by appointment. On each occasion, 4 to 8 tasters will be assisted by 2 servers, following a procedure that maximises health and safety (the tasting protocol is currently being assessed by Bureau Veritas). Off-site sessions will be held in the second half of June for distributors and journalists in a dozen or so cities: Paris, London, Brussels, Germany (city still to be decided), Zurich, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, San Francisco, New York, etc. Samples will also be sent to monopolies and the media.

By mid-May, the Bordeaux wine trade is usually in the midst of the En Primeur marketing season, but this year’s campaign is likely to take place in a tough economic climate. “The reason why we are making such an effort, in terms of money and time, is because the 2019 vintage deserves to be presented”, stressed Laborde.

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